Cuyamaca College Carbohydrate Intake Nutrition Food Log Worksheet

Your Task

Task 1- Food Log

You will keep a 3-day food log, where you will record the meals and snacks that you ate throughout each day. You can choose to track this using the provided Word document

This week’s focus: carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, and calories.* You may record fat and protein; however, they are not required for this week.*

Please see the

Everything You Need to Know About- DIETARY ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENTS

page for more specific details on this process.


Please answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  1. In regard to calories-What was your average/mean (Links to an external site.) calorie count?Did your calorie count surprise you? Why or why not?What contributed the most to your calories?
  2. In regard to carbohydrates (general)-What was your average/mean (Links to an external site.) carbohydrate intake during the 3 days? Was your carbohydrate intake within the daily range (Links to an external site.) (recall that the average minimum is 130 g/day)? Were you surprised by your averages?What did you eat the most of fast-releasing (simple) carbohydrates, starches, or fiber?Reflect on the carbohydrates consumed this week. Did some keep you more satiated than others? Which ones?
  3. In regard to fiber-What was your average/mean (Links to an external site.) fiber intake during the 3 days?Are you getting the recommended amount of daily fiber (38 g /day for men; 25 g/day for women)? If yes, what are some foods that you eat that provide the most fiber? If not, what are foods that you can incorporate to help increase your fiber needs?
  4. In regard to added sugars-Were you surprised by your added sugar values?Which foods contributed the most to these values?Note to students using SparkPeople: SparkPeople does not count added sugar (clearly they need to catch up to the new food label practices 😝). If possible, record the amounts of added sugar on a piece of paper or document to help you answer this question.
  5. Looking forward-What are two foods that you can incorporate and/or swap in order to a) reduce calories; b) increase fiber, or c) reduce added sugar? Be creative!Example- “I eat a lot of ice cream. One food swap that I can do is eating a half cup of fruit instead of a bowl of ice cream as an after-dinner treat in order to cut back on added sugar”.

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