Data Science Worksheet

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There is one question need with a short rationale.

Life Expectancy and Internet Use
The following plot shows life expectancy at birth versus the % of internet users in 208 countries for
which data was available. Which of the following can you conclude from the plot?
Life expectancy at birth
% Internet users
A. If the number of internet users in a particular country increases, then the life expectancy
in that country will also increase.
O B. People who use the internet more also tend to live longer.
C. Countries with a higher percentage of internet users tend to also have higher life
D. Countries with more internet users tend to be more developed, and therefore have
longer life expectancies because of access to modern medicine.
Choose a game
Below are four versions of the same game. Your friend gets to pick the version of the game and
then you get to choose how many times to flip a coin: 10 times or 100 times. For which of the
following versions of the game should you choose to flip the coin 100 times (assuming you want
to win!)?
O A. If the proportion of heads is larger than 0.60, you win
B. If the proportion of heads is larger than 0.40, you win
O C. If the proportion of heads is smaller than 0.40, you win
O D. If the proportion of heads is smaller than 0.45, you win

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