DC Racial Bias Discussion

1. Introduce one keyword, concept, technical term, jargon, example case, etc., that the author uses. Quote the author using this term (cite page number), then explain it in your own words in 2-3 sentences.

2. Introduce another quote from the reading that you found particularly interesting, convincing, not convincing, provocative, unclear, problematic, etc. Cite it with the page number, then react to it in 2-3 sentences. If you are picking a quote that you found confusing, you must say why you think it is confusing or try to explain what you think it means — if you have absolutely zero clue what it means, you might want to pick another one.

3. Summarize what you think the author’s broader argument or lesson is (or the most important one), in your own words, in 2-3 sentences. 

part one Choose one website to answer

Exam prediction:

“F**k the algorithm”?: What the world can learn from the UK’s A-level grading fiasco

Job screening:


Criminal risk prediction:


Health care:


Part two


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