Assess company-controlled factors and policies that sway consumer actions.
You are the marketing manager for Best Fitness. The firm markets athletic footwear, sportswear, and accessories. Best Fitness has a reputation for manufacturing the finest products and is the leader in the industry.
A new line of sportswear has been developed, including water sport equipment such as kayaks, surfboards and water skis called Just Right Watersports Equipment. Best Fitness has a reputation for manufacturing the finest products, is the leader in the industry and has been ranked #1 in consumer satisfaction in the industry for the last five years.
Your manager, Michael Groza, has asked you to come up with after-sale company polices reinforcing Best Fitness’ reputation for consumer satisfaction. In an email to Michael Groza, address the following:

Define cognitive dissonance in relation to consumer behavior.
Explain why consumers purchasing the new line of water sport equipment might experience cognitive dissonance.
Provide company policies reducing cognitive dissonance.
Explain how each policy increases customer satisfaction, increases loyalty, and builds long-term relationships between the firm and its customers.

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