Differing Views on the Death Sentence Discussion

Objective : use critical thinking strategies , analyze and evaluate contrasting arguments. Not an opinion piece/ persuasive piece.

Goal: present contrasting argument using information from credible sources. Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of these positions.

1-2 paragraphs for each element

– Intro- identify the issue/ topic, provide ebackround

-Arguments and counter argument- Summarize the best arguments on both sides of the issue. Include relevant research from credible sources.

-evaluation of critical reasoning- asses strengths of arguments. I dentify weakness critical thinking such as fallacies, rhetorical devices, vague language, cognitive biases. nProvide examples of how these weaknesses appear in arguments . Evaluate the quality of scientific anecdotal evodenc, using standards of inductive and deductive reasoning.Consider the quality of casual relationship, analogies, generalization, moral reasoning.

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