DU Communications Gender Roles Yellow Wallpaper Question

You will conduct a textual analysis, write a short version of a research paper, and present a research presentation in class. You can choose any text (video, music, newspaper, book, podcast, StoryCorps story, tv series or episode, diary, performance, art, etc). You then will conduct your textual analysis at home. You can do a rhetorical criticism, content analysis, interaction analysis, or performance. Make sure to look for themes that come from these objects. There will be a Part 1, that must be completed become class. This will be a paper (5 Pages Minimum, Double Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point Font).

Part 1: Completed Before Class

Abstract: You will write an abstract that explains your whole study in a paragraph.

Introduction: (3-5 paragraphs) You will explain the artifact in detail, it’s significance for study, and the current context around the artifact. Then you will explain you positionality as the researcher and how this influences your interpretation and/or interests in the study.

Literature Review/Theory: (3-5 paragraphs) State the current theories or terms you are using to think about your object (e.g. race, gender, thinness, class, etc.). You will need at least one source here.

Method: (3-5 paragraphs) Describe the method you are using (textual analysis), what approach you are taking (rhetorical criticism, content analysis, interaction analysis, performance studies), and what method you actually did to conduct your analysis.

Analysis: (3-5 paragraphs) Pick at least two themes for analyzing your text. Describe those themes, provide example of how the text fits into the themes, and then state the implication/importance of the textual theme.

Conclusion: (3-5 paragraphs) Write your conclusion in terms of big ideas you want people to take away from your project, limitations of your project, and future directions.

Works Cited/Reference page: (3 Citations) Cite your text. You can pick any additional sources that help make you project impactful. These can be anywhere in the paper you feel necessary. Feel free to use sources from class, but you should have one source that is specific to your text.

Part 2: Completed in Class

Presentation: Share a 12-15 minute presentation of your research with the class. You can read your paper, present your paper in a performative way, or condense it as you would normally for a speech. This will be done in groups. PowerPoint is optional, but suggested. The audience should provide you with questions about your material and you should be prepared to answer those questions.

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