1- ) Examine three (3) of the issues you feel are most important in shaping the role of technology in education. Analyze why they are most important ones The role of the education in this global world is increasing each day. There are a lot of ways, strategies and approaches to increase quality of education. One of most effective way is integrating technology in to the education. That is called educational technology.
There are a lot of advantages of technology in the class but I will give information about three advantages of technology in the classes which are freedom, equality of the education and creativity. Technology in the education is giving more freedom to teachers and students. How? As a mathematics teacher in a public school I can give examples from my own experiences. I use smart board and smart pad in my classes. I prepare my lesson plan as software and I reflect on the board or on the screen. While I am walking around the class I can teach.
I don’t have spent my time for writing the definitions or questions and cleaning the board. I don’t have turn my back to the students which is helping me for classroom management. As another example when I am teaching geometric figures even three dimensional figures now my drawing is not a problem anymore. With Mimio smart board I can visualize better. My students have more time to learn. And I put my class notes to website for students who missed the day or who couldn’t understand well. They still have chance review everything that they missed.

I think this is the most important issue for role of the technology in the education. It is giving more time for teaching. It is another sole role of the technology in teaching, giving equal opportunity to all students. There are a lot of people who are seeking for education but they cannot reach it because of lack school or teacher . Maybe it is not common in U. S. A but around the world it is common. For these people technology is only hope. Or some people like me who have to support a family and want to get a degree; online education is the only way.
With technology everybody has an opportunity to learn. For some special and minor issues technology is helping us so much too, for instance I have a student who is dyslexic. To make him focus to class and understand better tablet computers are very helpful. In my country Turkish Government is giving free tablets to all students. The last and I think most important benefit of the educational technology is increasing creativity. With standing front of the board and giving lecture we cannot individualize the education.
It is a known fact every bodies learning way and level is different, from this perspective each person is unique. Especially if there is a big diversity in the class lecturing will not help. And if all students learn the same thing with same way it will not develop their creativity conversely it will decrease the creativity. To enhance students’ creativity we have to integrate technology in the education. With this way the students can learn with their own way and level. There is a web site that I use in my math applying classes (www. studyisland. om) , at the beginning of the year students are taking a diagnostic test and depends their results system is giving a unique way to each student, may be the system is not perfect but the idea is so beautiful. In twenty first century we are aware of that education is more complicated than we taught. Teachers are facing with different problems such as dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, asperger syndrome. To individualize education technology is very helpful. Increasing technology using will develop creativity ,freedom and opportunity in the education. ———————– Page | 1 Page | 1

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