Effects of Colonial and Neo Colonial Policies Holism Paper

Martha of the NorthGraded Concept Application Exercise: Martha of the North
To consolidate your understanding of the effects of colonial and neo-colonial policies on
First Nations and Inuit peoples in Canada, for your first graded concept application
exercise, watch the required documentary, Marquise Lepage’s Martha of the
North (2009), which describes the forced relocations of several Inuit families from
Inukjuak, Northern Québec, to Grise Fiord, Ellesmere Island, and Resolute Bay,
Cornwallis Island, in 1953. After watching the documentary, write a short essay
answering the following questions. Note that to answer these questions and succeed on
this assignment, you are strongly advised to watch the documentary more than once
and take notes as you watch it.
1. In your own words and drawing on the textbook and the unit notes, explain the
concept of holism and its limitations. Next, explain how the concept of holism
would help account for the effects of the relocations of the Inuit from Northern
Québec to the High Arctic. Drawing on the unit notes’ comments about the limits
of holism, discuss what aspects of the Inuits’ experience holism might not
account for.
2. To answer this first question, you will need to explain the following dimensions of
the forced relocations. How were the relocations of Inuit families justified by the
Canadian government? What do Inuit activists argue were the real reasons for
the relocations? How did the policies of the Canadian government as well as the
change in environment brought on by the relocations affect the physical and
psychological health, social relations, and economic or subsistence practices of
Inuit families? How did these various factors interrelate with and affect one
another? Make sure to relate your answers to these questions to the concept of
holism and its limits.
Your papers should take an essay form. In other words, they should include a brief
introduction with a clear thesis statement explaining your central argument. Your paper
must also be broken into separate paragraphs organized around one central sub-point
clearly explained in a topic sentence that links back to your thesis statement.
Arguments from the unit notes and the textbook should be either paraphrased or cited
using the Chicago Style author-date system found here
(http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html). References to the
documentary can be made by citing the documentary with all bibliographic information
at least once in a sentence in your essay, for example: In Marquise Lepage’s
documentary, Martha of the North (2009). . .” After this first reference, you may cite the
documentary by an abbreviated title, such as Martha of the North. Provide a reference
for the documentary in your reference page as follows:
Lepage, Marquise. 2009. Martha of the North. Montreal, Canada: National Film Board of

Your paper should be 2-3 pages long, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using a
12-point Times New Roman font.

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