This helps in increasing productivity and efficiency and minimization of wastage of time/cost. Due to power feature most of the times, Mr., Ram, operates on double shift in order to complete target production. He is able to achieve target but at higher cost. Mr.. Ramie’s main consideration is cost cutting . So he concentrates more on producing goods with fewer resources. He is unable to achieve target production. Mr.. Joy uses minimum resources to chives target production and is also able produce goods is at lower cost. A) In the above case two important aspect of management have been highlighted, which are alike two sides of the same coin. Identify those two aspects. B) Identify the principle of Payola being followed in Learner’s Ltd. (c ) Identify the principle of payola being followed in Learner’s Ltd. (d) Though Mr.. Ram and Mr.. Ihram have failed to achieve both the aspects identified in part (a) above, yet they strives to achieve the same. Identify the value being highlighted. Answer: (a) The two concepts referred above are ” efficiency” and “Effectiveness”. (b) Mr.. Joy, has considered both the aspects. C ) Principle of order (d) Responsibility : By taking care of one’s own responsibility and striving for achieving efficiency and effectiveness. 2. Management of EX. Ltd. Fulfills all its objectives and the organization is able to work effectively and efficiently. It is using environment friendly methods of production and disposing off the waste material either by recycling it or using the same for landfill in such a manner that the aquatic life is not disturbed. Thus it also provides employment opportunities to the disadvantaged sections of the society.
It was also decided that the remuneration payable to the disadvantaged sections Of the society should be fair to both employees and the employer. (a) Identify the objective of Management of EX. Ltd. Which it want to fulfill by ongoing the above activities. (b) State the other two objectives that the management of EX. Ltd. Should fulfill. (c ) Identify the principle of payola being referred in the above case. (d) Identify any two values which EX. Ltd. Wants to communicates to the society through its above stated activities. (a) the objectives of management of EX. Ltd.
Which is wants to fulfill by doing the above stated activities is social objective. (b) (l) Organization objectives and (II) personal objective. (c ) (l) principle of ‘Remuneration of employees’ (d) (l) Sensitivity towards Environment: By using the waste material for cycling and landfill. (II) Responsibility : By providing employment opportunities to the disadvantaged section of the society 3. Raja Ltd. Is engaged in manufacturing electrical appliances. The company has been facing lot of problems for the last few months because of chaos between two departments two departments biz; Production Department for delayed production.

However, Production Department blames sales Department for poor sales. The force can integrate the two Departments is missing. Moreover in the production department both the management’ and the ‘ workers’ do not realize the importance of each other. There is no corporation, Mutual confidence and sense of goodwill between the managers and workers. (a) Identify the missing force in the above case. (b) Identify which principle of Taylor is being referred above. (c ) List any two values which can be cultivated among the employees by using the force identified in (a) above. A) Coordination (b) Cooperation, Not Individualism (c ) (l) Cooperation : By integrating all group efforts. (II) Unity : By ensuring that all activities aim at accomplishment of organizational goals 4. EX. power Ltd. Set up a factory for manufacturing solar lanterns in a emote village as there was no reliable supply of electricity in rural areas. The revenue earned by the company was Increasing day by day, so the company decided to increase production to generate higher sales. For this, they decided to employ people from nearby villages as very few job opportunities were available in that area.
The company alias decided to open schools and crèches for the children of its employees. (I) identify the and explain the objectives of management discussed above. (II) State any two values which the company wanted to communicate to the society. (I) The objectives of management referred to are: a) organizational objectives These refer to the utilization of human and material resources considering the interest of all stakeholders. (b)Social objectives These refer to the creation of benefit for various constituents of the society. If an example has explained survival and growth as objectives of management instead of organizational objectives, full credit is to be given) (II) Values which the company wanted to communicate to the society are : (Any two) (a) providing employment opportunities (b) Development Of backward regions. (c ) Providing basic amenities to employees. D )Concern for the environment. ( or any other correct value) 5. Mega Ltd. Was manufacturing water- heaters. In the first year of its operations , the revenue earned by the company was just sufficient to meet its costs. To increases the revenue, the company analyzed the reason of less revenue.
After analysis the company decided. (l) To reduce cost by shifting the manufacturing unit to a backward area where labor was available at a very low rate. (II) To start manufacturing solar water – heater and reduce the production of electric water- heaters slowly. This will not only help in covering the risk, but also help in meeting other objectives too. (a) Identify and explain the objectives of management discussed above. (b) (a) The objectives of management referred to are: Organizational objectives (b) Social objectives these refer to the creation of benefit for various constituents of the society. If an example has explained survival and growth as objectives Of management instead of organizational objectives, full credit is to be given ) (II) Values which the company wanted to communicate to the society are: (a) Providing employment opportunities (b) Development of backward regions. C ) concern for the environment. (or any other correct value) 6. AR Raman is the first Indian to to win Oscar award for his composition ‘Jaw Ho’ His composition of music is unique and different as he has used the singing notes in a manner that is entirely his own interpretation. Like A. R Raman, Mr.. Rakes , General Manager in wave Ltd. Uses his knowledge of management in a unique and different manner. All the employees working under his guidance are happy and satisfied because of his behavior. He everyday rewards/ appreciates the employees for coming office on time, performing their signed tasks with best of their capabilities. Moreover, Mr.. Rakes treats all his employees as fairly as possible. He does not discriminates his employees on the basis of sex, religion, caste, belief etc. (a) Identify the nature of the management highlighted above. (b) State two others ways in which nature of management can be explained. C ) Identify the values that Rakes wants to in calculate in his employees . Also explain how? (a) Nature of management highlighted above is ‘Management is an art’ (b) The other ways in which nature of management can be explained are : (l) The Management as science and; II) Management as profession. (c ) Principle of ‘equity’ (I) Good behavior in human interaction : Because all employees working under his guidance are area happy and satisfied because of his behavior. (II) Discipline/Punctuality: By rewarding the employees who come in t: mime. (Ill) Responsibility : By rewarding the employees for performing their assigned tasks . . Pizza Home is a chain of stores making pizzas, located at different states of India. Earlier the process of making the entire Pizza was assigned to individual worker. And thus, the standard regarding taste, quality, shape etc. As not uniform and the company was not getting good response from customers. The company decided that instead of assigning the whole job of making pizza to one employee, different employees were given the task of making pizza bases, preparing toppings , baking of pizza, packaging etc. The effects of all the employees are directed towards the achievement of common organization goals.
As a result, each employee has gained perfection and specialization in his job and improved his efficiency and effectiveness. It was also decided that every branch of Pizza Home all over India Would austerities first Ten baked pizzas to poor people. (a) Identify the principle of Payola being followed by pizza Home. OR Identify and explain the principle of management being followed Pizza Home. (b )latently the feature of management being referred above. (c ) Identify the value being referred above. (a) Division fork (b) Management is a Goal oriented process (c ) Respect towards the poor: By distributing first ten baked pizzas to poor people. . Tanya Sahara and Salaam Khan, having same educational qualifications, are working as Managers in Alfa Ltd. The management of Alpha Ltd. Enables it to provide better quality goods services generating employment opportunities, increasing wealth of nation etc. Tanya Sahara belongs to a rural area where employment opportunities area very less whereas Salaam Khan belongs to an urban area Ignoring many other differences between the two, management of Alfa Ltd. Appointed then as Assistant Manager, On the same salary packages of RSI. 45,000 per month. A) Name and briefly explain the principle of management being followed in the above case. (b) identify the value which Management of Alfa Ltd. Wants to communicate to the society. C ) identify the value which management of Alfa Ltd. Wants to communicate to the society. (a) Principle of Equity’ (l) the principle of equity implies that similar treatment is SSL_Jeered to employees in similar positions. (II) According to this principle, managers should be fair and impartial while dealing with their subordinates and there should be no discrimination on the basic of sex, religion, language, caste, belief, nationality etc. Ill) Equity is essential to create and maintain cordial relations between a manger and his subordinates. (b) Management helps in Development of the Society. C ) Equity By not discriminating on the basis of gender, Caste, religion region and sex & providing equal opportunities to grow. 9. Zee Ltd. Was not performing well. After detailed analysis it was discovered that workers of the production department were not satisfied with the behavior of Mr.. Jay the production Manager as workers were forced to work for long hours without any rest.
Keeping this in view this the management decided his M. B. A from MM Mandated. Mr.. Ajar analyzed the work which involved heavy manual labor. He allowed small pauses to the workers so that they could recharge their energy for optimum contribution. He also conducted a detailed analysis on the environment in which the business exist and thus he used to change the goals, plans, policies according to the needs of the environment. (a) Name the technique of scientific management adopted by Mr.. Ajar. (b) He further desires to find out the best ways of doing a job.
Suggest him the technique of scientific Management. (c ) Identify the feature of management being referred above. (d) State the ‘Values’ which Mr.. Ajar want to communicates to the society by allowing small pauses to workers. (a) Fatigue study (b) Method study. (c ) Management is Dynamic Function d) Respect towards employees/Humanism/ Sympathy 10. NNE of the principles Of scientific management emphasis that there should be a complete mental revolution on the part of both management and workers. Workers and managers should know the importance of each other.
Both the groups should good understanding between them. (a) Name and explain the principle of scientific management involved above. (b) Fool emphasized team spirit Of unity and harmony among employees. Name and explain the principle. (c ) Name the common values emphasized in (a) and (b) above. (a) Harmony not discord : Taylor has emphasized that there should be complete harmony between the workers and the management since if there is any conflict between the two, it will not be beneficial either for the workers or the management.
Hence, both management and workers should realize the importance of each other. (b) E spirit De corps : According to Fool, ” Management should promote team spirit of unity and harmony among employees”. In order to achieve organizational objectives, Management should promote team work and coordination. (c ) (l) Harmony (II) Cooperation 1 1 -One of the principles of scientific Management emphasizes that ” to make he employees learn the ” best method” Of production, training to workers is essential”.
It further emphasizes that each person should be scientifically selected and the work assigned to the employees should suit their physical, mental and intellectual capabilities. (a) Name and explain the principle of scientific management involved. (b) Name the principle of scientific management which is concerned with selecting the best way of performing a job through application of scientific analysis and not by intuition or hit and trial methods. (c ) Name the value emphasized by following the principles in part (a) above. ) Development of each and every person to his or greatest efficiency and ability. Taylor emphasized that to attain efficiency, steps should be taken right from the Efficient employees produce more to earn more. (b) Science not rule of thumb. (c ) (l) Growth for all (II) Prosperity for workers and company 12. Shanghais ( a foreman of Hair Ltd. ) is given the responsibility of meeting production target of 1 ,OHO TV. Sets in a month. The target can be completed by placing 100 workers under him. Presently, only 80 workers are working under him.
He is not giver the authority to employ 20 more workers. Hair Ltd. Fulfills financial needs, social needs and higher level needs of these employees. As a result, he fails to meet the target. (a) Which principle of Payola is not applied here? Or Which principle is being violated in the above case. (b) Explain in brief the principle which should be applied in the above case. (c ) Identify the objective of management being referred above. (a) Authority and Responsibility (b) there should be balance between authority and responsibility.
If an employee has been assigned any responsibility, he must be given sufficient authority to do his job efficiently. (c ) Personal Objectives. 3. Ship enterprises is a small organization manufacturing cloth and jute bags. It follows the functional organizational structure. There is separate department for finance, marketing production and Human resource. These departments are well co- ordinate there is a congenial work environment and employees are happy and satisfied . The employees and encouraged to develop and carry out plans for improvements in the organization leading to a feeling of ownership among them.
Besides, the company provides nutritious and hygienic lunch tit its staff and a good creche facilities for its employees children. A) Name any one feature and one principle of management highlighted in the above case. (b) Identify any two values which Ship Enterprises wants to (l) Management is an intangible force (II) Initiative (b) Fulfilling social responsibility/ Concern for the health of the employees : By providing nutritious and hygienic lunch to all the staff and creche facility for the children of its employees’ 14. BBC Ltd.
Was involved in business of manufacturing leather and selling products under a famous brand ‘X’ workers worked according to their past experiences as per the traditional methods. To meet the increasing demand or its product, and in order to keep the market share, the existing workforce was instructed to analyses their work scientifically work overtime, which resulted in many problems. The department, which was previously producing one type Of product, was asked to produce more than one type of products which leads to overlapping and wastage.
Small jobs were combined into bigger jobs. The efficiency of workers declined due to increased workload . At times, the workers worked under many superiors and everything in the factory got misplaced due to interference of many persons, which caused hindrance to the activities. This reduced the team spirit among the workers. Lowered their morale as they felt cheated and indiscipline was induced. Intelligent employees stopped themselves to develop & carry out plans for improvements. Resultantly, Quality of products declined and market share decreased.

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