?There could be several conflicts that arise when working on a program to develop a new program for the hospital when adapting the program from the post modernist/complexity science strategy. Working with several different representatives from different aspects of the hospital, there will be different ideas, visualizations and outcomes for each group. The post modernist/complexity science strategy “focuses on the importance of connections and interdependencies for creating emergent order in networked systems”.
When working with different populations of people, (in this case, the medical director, the chief of staff, and the medical staff) their focus and attention may be on different aspects of the new program. This could cause a problem for connections and relationships to develop and work efficiently. One group of people could be focused on the development of a nutritional program where as another group may be more focused on the medical aspect.
All these representatives need to listen and compromise to be able to proficiently come up with a new program for the hospital. Without good connections and interdependencies to create order, this would be a very hard task. Second, when developing a new plan, each representative needs to understand that there will be change. The world is always changing and at any given time, one age demographic may need more services than others.

If this new program was being developed today, this group of people would need to make sure that they took into account the large number of people who will be age 65 and older, and the explosion this population will continue to see for several more years. The post modernist/complexity science strategy states that “the search for equilibrium, a balance, a stable state, is futile”. The developers of the new program would need to make sure there is room for change within the new program.
They would need to be able to understand that what people’s needs are for today will be the same for them tomorrow, or in 5 years. There must be flexibility, their ideas and the program must be built for flexibility. Both the post modernist/complexity science strategies do not “accept(s) the world as is; rather, both believe in the transformative power of events and ideas…”. If all parties involved do not follow these same ways of thinking, it could be very hard for a team to develop a new program that would thrive in the current times and the future. James, J. (2009).

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