To review, you will be writing on anything that interests you about the film Bicycle Thieves …the themes, story, Italian Neorealism, historical setting, characters, a particular scene that stood out to you, representations of class differences, the ending etc…I will leave it open to you. Think of it as a response paper or journal entry. Here are some basic guidelines:

1. The paper should be 2-3 pages (double spaced, 12 font)
2. Review the paper for any spelling/grammar mistakes (you will lose points if there are errors)
3. Do not write 1 long paragraph
4. Do not summarize the story; focus more on your reaction to the film
5. You may use “I” and write in the first person if needed
6. Please make sure you spell the names of the filmmakers, characters, actors etc…correctly.
This is also an opportunity to critique the film (both positively and negatively). Do not be afraid to say you did not like aspects of the film either. Hopefully there are elements from either film which will trigger something to write about for each one of you. 

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