FIU Psychology Paper

Competency #1
Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior

A1.1 Engage with clients and colleagues conveying a strength-based demeanor and attitude.

A1.2 Demonstrate professional and ethical social work conduct in all levels of practice.

A1.3 Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze cases and articulate how to manage ethical issues in practice scenarios.

A1.4 Demonstrate the ability to apply social work ethics and values to the evaluation of social intervention.

A1.5 Engage in self-reflection and self-care practices which may include reflective trauma responsive supervision to prevent and address secondary trauma in self and organization.

Competency Paper Assignment Description

Write a 2 page paper on the assigned competency.

Discuss how the competency guides or influences best practice in your agency. Provide
two examples where best practice was achieved.

List each practice behavior by number and full title and discuss two task/activities that
you have completed in your agency that demonstrates the respective practice behavior.

Be specific and provide detail about your tasks/activities.

Refer to the grading rubric and field learning contract when writing your paper.

Adhere to APA guidelines.
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