I’m female. I had a girlfriend for 4 years, she broke up with me and left me for she couldn’t trust me. She accused me of being dishonest and liking other girls but now I’m getting married to a man. She was my only woman I loved, my only girl-lover. She was too blind to see it. She had my whole heart, All of my love. I was the loneliest person in the world when she left me, for I didn’t have any friend and she was my only friend. I had a group of friends who never accepted or liked me for me, i was hanging out with them, but I was still loneliest even in their company. Once in a while, when I found a new friend.. who liked me for me… she got jealous, and asked me where was I meeting these new friends of mine. I had a tinder account yes, but I gave her all of my passwords for I had nothing to hide.. I wasnt flirting with anyone, She had my account, she could see that. Yet, she called me a cheat, a liar. And I have been in depression for 2 years and gone to a major case of introvesion where I dont even like people. Shunning away from everyone. I dont like to go out even with my friends. Was I a cheat? Was I liking anyone? For every girl I met after her, I was only speaking about my first love. And now I’m getting married to a Man. She told me yesterday that she liked a girl emotionally. and Physically. Who’s the cheat? she’d been using tinder she told me. Shes gone on dates and now she likes someone . Yes after our break up , i did get physical with other girls, but i couldn’t get over her. I couldn’t ever get emotionally attached to another girl. How’s she doing it? then she calls me a slut, and thats why our break up. because she said i was the liar and the slut.  I live with a terrible pain everyday, it’s been 2 years since our breakup 

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