Fractional Factorial Design Questions

1) Why were no computations necessary for the data on cast films in below table?(Answer should be around 75 to 150 words.)
2) In the filtration problem (see below table) why would a one-variable at a time approach
have failed?
(Answer should be around 75 to 150 words)
3) Include a dot plot of the effects, npp of the effects, a pareto, ANOVA Table, diagnostics,
and prediction equation.
4) a) Write a design of resolution III in seven factors and eight runs.
b) From (a) obtain a design in eight factors in 16 runs of resolution IV arranged in two
blocks of 8.
c) How could this design be used to eliminate time trends.
d) What are the generation of the 16-run design.
e) If no blocking is used, how can this design be employed to study three principal
factors, the main effects of eight number nit expected to interact with the major factors or
with each other?

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