GC Communications IQ Test Discussion


We are now far enough in the course where you should easily be able to relate prior concepts to what we are currently learning. In this discussion, please relate material from previous modules to this module:

  1. Please take the free IQ test (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) What type(s) of intelligence do you feel the test was trying to capture Note: this exercise is to get you to become familiar with intelligence testing and should not be taken to heart. If any feelings arise from taking the test please email me.
  2. How was your experience taking the test? Please discuss whether you thought the test was easy or difficult and why, if there were any concepts you didn’t understand (and provide examples) and how you felt when you received your score
  3. Provide two examples of how the test was culturally biased.
  4. This question requires you to do some googling. After reading about the different theories of intelligence and cultural differences in intelligence testing, how do you think intelligence should be measured? Provide at least two recommendations based on empirical research for designing a more equitable, culturally sensitive intelligence test.
  5. Is is possible to create a culturally relevant, standardized test based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory? Why or why not?
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