GCC Utilitarian Approach in Decision Making Discussion

  • What are your thoughts about the idea of Utilitarian Moral Reasoning?
  • Do you believe that it is considered ethical to make judgments based on the “greater good” (aka the best outcome for the most people)?
  • What is the benefit from this approach to decision-making? What are potential pitfalls to this kind of decision-making

You are required to support your initial post with sourced information with APA formatted references and citations.

A substantive post is at least one to two good-sized paragraphs. Thinks of them as a mini paper. You need to demonstrate your learning, encourage additional dialogue, and provide new insight. A short post without any additional contribution or that looks like the below will not produce passing scores.

Determining what the best decision when faced with a moral reasoning decision, is not an easy feat. There are always consequences, good or bad when making a decision, some more impactful than others.

Think of examples of each and use those in your post to help explain why you feel one is more reasonable than the other. This discussion board may trigger more thought, and feelings than some of our other discussions boards have so far. Take the time to think about your post and what system you find to be most reasonable.

Make sure to answer both questions from the discussion prompt.

Here’s an example of one of my peers work, it can’t be the same I just provided it so you can get an idea.

According to Moore & Parker the consequentialism is “the view that the consequences of a decision, deed, or policy determine is moral value”. This moral reasoning has two important parts, one is ethical egoism and the other one is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism mainly emphasizes on the point of having a higher satisfactory. Utilitarianism as a reasoning also approaches with happiness. In other words, it concentrates more on the actions and outcomes of a situation. The example when the doctor decides to give a medication to a patient who is in coma , and without any consent. In this case the doctor is taking a chance without any witness and doing something good for the patient by trying to save the patient’s life. We can see that in this situation the doctor has done something unethical. The doctor ignored the patient’s value and violated the hospital regulations. However, the doctor did this to help the patient. The other decision is the ethics egoism, “the idea that, if an act produces more happiness for oneself than will the alternatives, then it is right thing to do”. (Moore & Parker, 2017, 398). In ethical egoism other people and their feelings do are not important and there is no other function to do than to do what is benefit for us.

With the moral reasonings we can understand in our lives, what will be our agreements and decisions. If our thinking builds on these morals then we can make reliable decisions. Virtue ethics is another one moral reasoning, which concentrates more on how to be than on what to do. For example: A virtuous person is a person who is always nice in any situation because that is that person’s particular character and he/she does not do it to gain benefits. Unlike deontological and consequentialist theories, virtue ethics do not mainly focus to identify universal principles that can be concern in any moral situation. The numerous types of moral reasoning will perform a huge role in our nursing careers. Indeed, we are going to practice these types of reasonings to come to a decision what will be beneficial for our patients’ health.


Critical Thinking (12th ed.). Retrieved May 24, 2021, from https://www.britannica.com/science/ Moore,

B. N., & Parker, R. (2017). Critical thinking. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

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