GCU Converting the Data Into a Transcription that Can Be Coded Discussion

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Once the qualitative data has been collected, it needs to be turned into a transcript that can be used for coding (Yi, 2018). Then, the researcher will apply either deductive or inductive coding, determined prior to data collection; if a general idea of the subject is already known, deductive coding will have been selected and a codebook created prior to analysis (Yi, 2018). Otherwise, if little is known about the subject and the research is more exploratory in nature, inductive coding will be used (Yi, 2018). From there, the researcher will read through the transcripts to get a general idea of the information; then, the researcher will comb through the data, line by line, applying a different general code name to each section of text that follows the same idea, topic, etc. (Yi, 2018). Once all the data have been coded, similar codes will be grouped together into categories (Yi, 2018). Finally, the researcher will identify overarching themes from those categories, as well as sub-themes which support the general idea (Yi, 2018). From this process, a clearer picture and overall narrative begin to emerge from the data, allowing researchers to better understand certain un-quantifiable phenomena.

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