GCU PUB Logic Model Worksheet

For this assignment, you will apply the logic model to design a plan for a public health intervention based on your chosen topic, population and theory or model. You will use your logic model for the development of all subsequent assignments as needed, including your final paper.

A logic model is a systematic and visual representation for showing the relationship between program resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes the program hopes to achieve. The main components of a logic model are inputs (resources), activities (interventions or strategies), outputs (evidence of activities; products), and outcomes (results or effects for short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes).

Logic Model
Health issue:
Inputs: What resources do you need to make this happen? (e.g., staff, space, funding)
Activities: What are you going to do? (e.g., educate and establish partnerships)
Outputs: What will happen because of your activities? (e.g., 100 people trained)
Short-Term Outcomes: Immediate changes you expect to occur (e.g., changes in knowledge)
Mid-Term Outcomes: (e.g., changes in behavior)
Long-Term Outcomes: How will this program help in the future? (e.g., obesity prevention)
Population affected by the health issue:
Proposed intervention:
Theory or model used inform an intervention:
Short-Term Outcomes Mid-Term Outcomes Long-Term Outcomes
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