Georgia Tech University Communications Essay

1Toyota Company Business Website Content Audit
Khatavian Franks
Tech Communication 3403
Course Instructor
Georgia Institute of technology
Toyota Company Business Website Content Audit
This is an external website of the Toyota company website. Toyota is a well-known
automotive brand in the market with a variety of vehicles in the market that are well known to the
consumers. There are a variety of Toyota websites but this audit was done on the Toyota Global
website. Generally, the website has a tone of different information on the website regarding the
company and the products.
The following are some of the components that were found within the website:
1. A picture of the new proposed Bz4X Bev that is expected to be launched in Japan on 1st
2. There are serious of stories that keep changing on the company website and they reflect on
the activities the company has been involved in over the past periods. The focus of the popup briefs is on cooperate social responsibility done by the company.
3. A further scroll down on the company website shows a picture of the Toyota Gazoo racing
premiers GR corolla.
4. It is imperative to not that the pictures on the website are well edited and with well-done
5. There are pictures of the automotive made by the company on the website.
6. The colors used on the website are the company colors and majorly it is the company color
of white with a touch of red and grey.
The above elements and many others on the company website are all geared at improving
the company sales and the consumer knowledge. However, the company may improve the
website through the posting of car review videos and highlighting suggestions from the general
Toyota retrieved on 7th April,2022.
Kruschek Spring 2022 LMC 3403
Draft Proposal
Due Date
4/2: Website Design Proposal Draft Due by 11:59pm via Canvas
For the second activity this week, you’ll be writing an external proposal in response to a
business or organization’s request for help redesigning their website. You should be using the
information you compiled in the content audit to get started.
Case Details
A local organization needs help creating a memorable online presence. They have a website
they’re not happy with and they want to have the values of their organization better represented
throughout their website. They are requesting proposals to overhaul their website so that it more
clearly aligns with their values and stands out in their slice of industry.
Draft Project Proposal: 1.5-2 pages plus the title page, single spaced. For this activity, you are
proposing your ideas for how to help a local organization (for or nonprofit) design a website that
reflects their values and stands out. You’ve already conducted a content audit, so next you will
analyze the organization’s mission statement and research any other relevant information that
tells you about the organization and what it values. In order to bid successfully on this project, it
is imperative that you understand the organization you have chosen well enough to translate
their mission, culture, and values into a website that reflects those elements through a mix of
prose, color, images, video, structure, and organization. Remember that you do not work for the
company you have chosen; you are a freelancer who has the skills needed to do the project this
organization needs completed. Be very aware of who your audience is, your relationship to
them, and make every effort to build your ethos. Your proposal needs all of these elements in
this order:
● Title Page
● Major Headings
○ Abstract: the proposal at a glance (5ish sentences); a summary of the major
points of the proposal. You will probably write this section last.
○ Project Description: describe all the information you know/understand about the
organization and then outline briefly the scope of the work you’re proposing to
○ Project Outcomes: specific details of what the organization can expect to receive
once the job is complete, i.e. at least a website that includes X, Y, Z new features
that align with their values;
○ Budget: how much will you charge in total for your time and skills; you can bill by
the hour or by project (website);
○ Schedule: specific tasks and timeframes for completion of the project;
○ Conclusion: brief wrap-up that emphasizes the benefits or advantages of your
plan specifically and why they should contract you to do this work.

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