GGC Social Stratification Based on Age Race Gender and Education Discussion

In this discussion, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course learning objectives:

Compare, contrast, and apply the basic theoretical paradigms of sociology (Structural-Functional, Social-Conflict, and Symbolic-Interaction) and analyze two or more phenomena in society using the three perspectives.  Explain social stratification using theoretical perspectives to analyze economic, racial/ethnic, and gender inequality in a societal context.


Perform the assigned Internet activity and answer the following discussion prompts in a minimum of 250-500 words:

  • Go to the interactive website, to see how your income might vary depending on your age, sex, race, and educational attainment. For the purposes of this assignment, you may stop when you find the income for each of your people. You may choose to keep following through the scenarios to learn more about other social factors that impact income.
  • Create three different fictional people and assign them each an age, race, gender, and education level.  Enter the characteristics of each of your fictional people into the website and write down their income. Be sure to write down the characteristics that you use for your three examples as you do the activity so you are prepared to write your post. You will be prompted to see how your fictional person’s income would change if one of their personal characteristics changed. Note these changes so you can discuss them in your post.
  • Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the website on how economic inequality was created, as it can help inform your post.
  • In three separate paragraphs in your post,Describe your three fictional people and summarize how any differences in income might be based on their characteristics. Who had the highest income? The lowest? What characteristics seemed to cause the change in income?  Explain your findings using the concept of intersectionality. Be sure to explain intersection theory!Compare and contrast two of the three basic theoretical perspectives (Structural-Functionalism, Social-Conflict, and Symbolic-Interactionism) to analyze your findings in a societal context. Define, cite, and apply as many terms as applicable from the lesson and course content to your analysis.Ask your classmates a question at the end of your initial post to stimulate discussion

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