Governors State University History and Systems in Psychology Book Report

For this assignment you are required to write a 400 word paper on your thoughts of ONE of the topics below

  • The Roman Period and the Middle Ages p. 78-97
  • The Renaissance p. 98-120

The topic of each paper will correspond with material covered in each of the assigned chapters, in weeks with more than one assigned chapter, you may pick a chapter to write about. Each thought paper should be approximately one page in length (400 words single-spaced) and must follow APA standards (please consult the APA publication manual 6th edition, ISBN 4200066, for more information). Thought papers should provide a brief, yet concise, review of the psychological theory, movement or perspective followed by an analysis of the contributions (positive and negative) of that theory, movement or perspective. Each thought paper should also contain a brief synthesis of how the topic has influenced modern psychology.

  • The paper MUST be about and reference this book ONLY:

King, D. B., Woody, W. D., and Viney, W. (2013). History of psychology: Ideas and context (fifth edition). New York: Taylor and Francis Group. ISBN-13: 9780205963041

I have attached below a copy of the assignment and needed book title

Thought Paper 2 due by the end of the day on 2/9/2020
For this assignment, pick a topic below and compose a 400 word
(minimum) essay. Please cite your textbook and any outside
sources you reference. Please note, APA style is required and
spelling and grammar will be assessed as part of your final
This assignment must be submitted as a MS Word Document
and uploaded on the courses Blackboard site no later than 11:59
PM on 2/9/2020. All writing assignments for this course will be
checked for plagiarism and prior submissions for other courses.
Violations of GSU’s code of academic conduct will be reported
to the chair of the psychology department (for real – please do
your own work!)
Topics (pick one):
• Discuss Important Developments in Psychology that
Occurred During the Roman Period and the Middle Ages p.
· How did Psychology Change During the Renaissance and
how has it Influenced Current Thought? p. 98-120
< >
Required Text
King, D. B., Woody, W. D., and Viney, W.
(2013). History of psychology: Ideas and
context (fifth edition). New York: Taylor
and Francis Group. ISBN-13:
< >

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