Grand Canyon University Anova Test Discussion

When looking at an ANOVA test as a potential assessment, it’s important to consider the different types that can be utilized. ANOVA tests come in two types: a one-way and a two-way. A one-way ANOVA is defined as “a statistical test used to compare the means of two or more independent samples when there is just one explanatory variable” (Corty, 2016). This method is typically used when there is one independent variable and one dependent variable that will be a ratio-level (Corty, 2016). A two-way ANOVA “measures the impact of two explanatory variables on a dependent variable. It divides the variability in the dependent variable into that due to each explanatory variable separately (the main effects) and that due to them together (the interaction effect)” (Corty, 2016). This type would typically be used when you want to examine two explanatory variables at once. Corty (2016) shared a great example that compared how caffeine and sleep deprivation would affect one’s mental alertness that summed up this type. This method will also use both a null hypothesis and an alternate hypothesis, unline the one-way ANOVA, which only uses one hypothesis (Corty, 2016).

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