Grand Canyon University Forms of Collective Violence Discussion Paper

AnswerTopic 7 DQ 1
There are various forms of collective violence. These include:
-War, terrorism, political conflicts
-Genocide, disappearances, torture, human rights abuses
-Organized violent crime (gangs, etc.)
In order to apply the sociological imagination to this problem, select one of the forms of collective
violence and describe the consequences of that type of collective violence on the macro and micro
levels. What might it be like to experience the type of collective violence you selected? Give specifics of
how your current life would be affected by this type of violence. What global social problems might be
perpetuated by this type of collective violence? Next, propose a possible solution to the global social
problems you presented.
Amy Patacini
Mar 30, 2022, 11:57 AM
Good Afternoon,
I have chosen to pick war, war is a subject that most of us cannot reference, unless one has enlisted we only know what we read or see.
War doesn’t just create havoc and destruction in a physical, monetary form, but the mental trauma or PTSD that soldiers and civilians
take away from war is devastating. The Vietnam war ended 47 years ago and some of those soldiers are still dealing with flashbacks, I
know many soldiers that fought in the Vietnam war and it is amazing at how that conflict haunts them. One person I know from my
hometown, he would have flashback usually at night, his wife would find him Army crawling through their property not having a clue he
was at home in Montana. My ex-husband’s Uncle was a tank commander in Vietnam, also part of his position was transporting Agent
Orange, that toxin began to attack his body in his 30′ or 40’s by the time he was in his 60’s he was confined to a wheelchair. He has lived
with Parkinson’s like symptoms since the 1980’s.
War is not just about the fighting, the bombing, the killing, the in between is what the kicker is, “War is hell…it has an impact on the
people who take part that never heals” (Srinivasa Murthy & Lakshminarayana, 2006). My dad used to tell me stories about WWII, he was
Navy/Seabee’s, he swore up and down that there was drugs administered to the men that made them do things they would never do, I
am not going to relay my dad’s stories but those stories definitely made you think. So if the trauma and PTSD comes from both sides of
the war there is no escape. There is no escaping war, there is no solving what war does to civilians, there is too much evil in the world for
us to ever know a future without war. And war is big business, war can stimulate an economy, can make people rich, but that is a
different conversation.
My personal views on war and how I deal with conflict is different than most, and I don’t think I want to put that out there. I do know that
I would do absolutely anything to keep my family and my property safe. The populations that are most effected by ware are children,
women, elderly and disabled, and this population are the ones that get caught in conflicts, torture, rape, access to food, risk of disease
access to health programs, psychosocial distress (Collective Violence, 2022), among other issues. The ravages of war last for decades and
the trauma may never truly go away. A few global options to decrease war is helping reduce inequality between social groups,
international treaties especially those treaties involving human rights and reduction in poverty (Collective Violence, 2022).
Collective Violence. (2022). WHO. Retrieved March 28, 2022,
Srinivasa Murthy, R., & Lakshminarayana, R. (2006). Mental Health Consequences of War: A Brief Review of Research Findings. NCBI.
Retrieved March 28, 2022, from
Mallory Kraemer
Mar 28, 2022, 5:58 PM
Hello class!
Organized violent crimes such as gang violence can be a major social issue. Typically, organized violent crimes are caused by gang
members. Over 33,000 gangs exist in the United States that are known (FBI, 2016). Due to gang violence, many people may fear poverty
stricken suburban areas due to higher crime rates in these areas. Some individual consequences include jail time or loss of life. There is
also potential for trauma inflicted on both the criminals and the victim. These people may struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
due to the nature of the violent crimes. On the macro level, communities also face consequences as a whole as well as the government.
Communities with higher organized violent crime rates potentially will see more poverty, much more police activity, and overall, less
safety as a whole.
On a personal level, experiencing this kind of violence was possible in my youth but fortunately, we did not stay in the area as the
organized violent crime incidents began to increase. Unfortunately, there had been many robberies done by gangs nearby my home as
well as shootings but I did not witness these first hand. I do feel that this would cause much more fear for myself and anxiety. It would
also make me want to ensure the safety of my future children and leave the area.
Poverty may be a major factor of gang violence as discussed. This is because many people do not have any other option than to turn to
violence in these situations due to lack of income and necessities are not easily obtainable. This provides those who struggle with a form
of protection and access to needs when they are unable to earn an income. It also is a sense of “community” for those in the gang as they
fit in with people though it is negatively impacted themselves.
There are options to solve the issue of organized violent crimes. One option is to increase wages to ensure those who are struggling are
able to financially support themselves without the need of violent crimes towards others. Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is also a
solution that can decrease gang violence in neighborhoods and decrease crimes by providing different types of outreach programs to aid
communities that have higher violence rates (Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2021). This solution would be beneficial if more communities
were aware as well as families of the different options provided to high crime communities. This would be able to increase different
programs for communities who struggle with different issues such as lack of recreational activities and low income rates. I believe this
option would be the best as it provides different programs to support those in need.
Mallory Kraemer
FBI. (2016). Gangs. FBI. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from,active%20in%20the%20U.S.%20today.
Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN): Overview. Bureau of Justice Assistance. (2021). Retrieved March 28, 2022, from
Jennifer Thames
Mar 28, 2022, 4:12 PM
Prof. Williamson and class,
The collective violence form that I have chosen is war. War not only devastates populations including soldiers and civilians, but it
destroys cities, land, economy, and more. Research has shown that the U.S. is a country that is prone to war conflicts, most of which are
abroad. The President sends troops to assist other countries nearly once a year. All of this is to protect freedom and our economic
interests throughout the world (Sullivan, 2016). War causes devastation on the battle front but also here at home as inflation occurs to
keep up with the demand amidst shortages of certain products like food and gas. If war was to come to the U.S. it would affect our
everyday lives through more than inflation. Not only would food shortages get worse as everyone would want to stock up on necessities,
but panic would set in for many people, causing more problems. A sense of collective fear would also begin to permeate the country. On
more micro levels family members would do what they can to prepare for attacks or scary outcomes. I know my family as well as my
husbands and close friends would prepare the best we could and even agree on a meet-up place in the worst events that could take place
and I likely wouldn’t send my children to school to keep them close and safe. A global solution to war is a hard one. There is always
something that someone else wants to take from whomever they can. I do not believe that human nature allows for perpetual peace,
there are too many bad people in the world and too many greedy ones in positions of power across the globe who are able to use the
lives of others to take what they want. When this happens, others are sent to stop them. Whether it be in the name of justice and freedom
or to fight against ideals like communism, there are too many factors that cause dissent.
Sullivan, Thomas J. (2016). Introduction to Social Problems. Tenth edition. Pearson Education. Retrieved
Topic 7 DQ 2
Mar 28-Apr 1, 2022
Migration and immigration is an age-old process of people moving across borders. Some argue it is
detrimental to a country’s stability and others say that it brings benefits. Historically, what were some
effective solutions to this social phenomenon? Develop a list of pros and cons to U.S. as well as Global
migration. Describe the impact on individuals, countries, and the larger world context. What are some
effective modern day solutions that are being proposed?
Mallory Kraemer
Mar 30, 2022, 3:59 PM
Hello Class!
Immigration and migration are both impactful whether in the United States or other countries. There are many misconceptions
about immigration and how negative it may be. Immigrants in the United States can be beneficial. Immigrants in the United States can
typically provide a different work ethic and skill set meaning they are not taking jobs, rather they are providing work side-by-side with
United States born citizens (, 2022). There are more benefits as well. Immigrants can fill the needs of many employers, and many
have continued to work throughout the pandemic (, 2022). There can be cons to immigration to the United States as well. Some
of these cons include higher population thus creating more pollution and cultural differences which may fuel racially charged issues
between some citizens (Internet Geography, 2022). Though many see cons, there are many pros to immigrants coming to the United
Historically, the United States has attempted to create and change immigration laws in order to protect both United States born
citizens and those migrating to the United States. Some of these laws include the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986 demanding
immigrants have either been in the United States prior to 1982 or have done farming and agricultural work within the last three months
when the act was introduced (, n.d.). More recently, the United States has also seen other approaches to immigration. This
includes DACA, created by Barack Obama, protecting immigrant children in the United States within the last two years when the bill was
introduced in 2013 (, n.d.). This law has recently been changed as well under President Donald Trump. The former president
attempted to change DACA and included having a border wall built in the United States to control the immigration population (,
n.d.). This change did not happen. More recently, we have seen this law seem as if it is sitting stagnant since President Joe Biden has come
to office.
Immigration solutions may vary, especially depending on each person and their personal views on immigration. Better tracking of
immigrants in the United States may be beneficial. Other options include making citizenship less difficult to obtain and laws that are not
consistently changing. Currently, those applying for citizenship must have lived in the United States for at least five years but must also
take a citizenship exam called the “U.S. Naturalization Test” and interview to be accepted into the U.S. (USAGov, n.d.). Though removing
the test completely may not be the solution, it may help to lessen some of the requirements and make it easier to obtain citizenship.
Mallory Kraemer
Historical overview of immigration policy. (n.d.). Retrieved 2022, from
How to apply for U.S. citizenship. USAGov. (n.d.). Retrieved from
The positive economic impact of immigration. (2022). Retrieved from,and%20federal%20taxes%20in%202018.%E2%80%
9DWhat are the impacts of migration? Internet Geography. (2022). Retrieved from
Elizabeth Mahon
Mar 30, 2022, 9:40 AM
Professor and class,
The debate of the topic of migration and immigration is one that is still going strong today. While most can agree that illegal immigration
is a major problem, there are some that hold that everyone should be able to just live wherever they want. While the presence of
immigrants does provide a variety of benefits such as cultural diversity, job fulfillment and economic stimulation, it does have it’s share
of negative effects as well. Overcrowding and hostility are amongst the negative effects that immigration can have on an area.
During the Obama administration, they attempted to put a reform into place known as the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and
Immigration Modernization Act” into place. This bill sought to change the immigration process and essentially create a “fair, but tough
legalization program for individuals who are currently here” (AIC, 2013). The bill passed in the Senate, but because the House did not act
upon it, the bill expired. As most of us are aware, with the Trump Presidency, the Four Pillar Plan was proposed. The four pillars included
Border Security, DACA, Diversity Lottery and Chain Migration. Of course with President Biden, the US Citizenship Act of 2021 has been
put into place.
The evidence does not show that we have been able to historically have an effective solution to this problem in recent years. It is agreed
that people are created equal and should not be denied basic human rights. Some countries do in fact deny certain rights though and the
option to cross borders into a free country should be available for all. Those who wish to cross into the borders should do so legally and
be willing to conform to certain things. Willingness to work if able, obeying the law, paying taxes to name a few. It is also understandable
that at times, it is necessary for someone to quickly flee their home country for fear of their life. They should be provided a safe place,
with their family to dwell while going through the legalization process.
Immigration impacts us all in one form or another. Immigrants are in need of jobs and they will also probably be in need of assistance
financially until they are established here and able to support themselves. On the world level, immigration effects the population of the
countries that people are both leaving and entering. The countries that are being left will begin to suffer economically while the countries
being entered will eventually receive an economic boost.
For the interest of the US, we need to come up with a solution that monitors and tracks immigrants more carefully. The legalization
process should be a straight-forward one in which those seeking citizenship are assisted through. The US may benefit from instituting a
merit-based system such as Canada’s. This would hold that as soon as the applying immigrant proved their benefit to the US and passed
the background check, they would be admitted. The cost of becoming a citizen should be reasonable and more obtainable for everyone
(Berlin, 2018). These are just a few potential solutions to topic of immigration.
American Immigration Council, 2013. A Guide to S.744: Understanding the 2013 Senate Immigration Bill. Retrieved March 30, 2022
Berlin, Craig. 2018. 8 Common Sense Solutions to Immigration That Go Beyond Two-Party Politics. Retrieved March 30, 2022
Jennifer Thames
Mar 30, 2022, 8:16 AM
Prof. Williamson and class,
Migration and immigrants have a series of impacts, both negative and positive, on the area they migrated to. Some positive impacts
include increased cultural diversity, extra workers, who will often take the jobs no one else will do, boosting the economy and filling in
skills gaps where workers are needed. At the same time the negative impacts include overcrowding, increase on natural resources, racial
tensions and discrimination, migrants may not wish to assimilate, and it can create an imbalance of genders as men are more likely to
migrate. Even though immigrants will often do jobs the locals do not wish to do, it can still cause problems if locals feel their chances of
getting a job are slim due to immigrants taking that job. There are usually language and cultural difficulties. When immigrants leave their
own homeland the positive effects on that area are less crowding and impact on the environment. The economy can also benefit as often
money will be sent back to the family. If the migrant is to return home, they often have a new skill set to use to reenter the workforce.
Negative effects are as a taxpayer they are no longer adding to government funds. a phenomenon known as brain drain also happens;
often the most intelligent or hardest working member of the family is the one to migrate away, leaving fewer skilled workers to maintain
the economy. The positive effects on the migrants themselves are bigger and better opportunities for work and school, and in the case of
some getting away from conflict. In contrast the negative effects may be not having enough money to maintain themselves as well as
their families back home, language barriers making it difficult to find work, not having access to healthcare and other issues like
exploitation and racism (internet geography, 2022). There are a few solutions that have been proposed and are plausible in the U.S. to
approach both the negative and positive sides of immigration. These include implementing new laws that are consistent, predictable and
transparent surrounding immigration. Taking into careful consideration job skills that can help boost the economy and improve the
process for temporary workers to enter the job market. Congress should be open to bipartisan practical solutions regarding
undocumented immigrants or those under temp relief instead of removing them entirely. The government can also use it access to newer
technologies to improve the system that is used to regulate immigrants and their status as such (Business Roundtable, 2022).
Internet geography. (2022). What are the Impacts of Migration? Retrieved
Business roundtable. (2022). A Modern Approach to U.S. Immigration Policy: CEO Principles for Making Immigration Work for
America. Retrieved from

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