Grand Canyon University Statistics Discussion

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Qualitative data is a more flexible method that categorizes responses to semi-structured forms (LaMorte, 2020). Qualitative is more about describing and explaining the variables, and it’s open-ended. The three methods for qualitative data collection would be having an in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and observations. I want to go more into detail about these three areas. The first one is an in-depth interview which is having an interview with a small group of individuals, and the researchers can learn about the respondent’s they’re motives, interests, attitudes, and feelings. The second is focus groups; it brings people together who have common experiences to address a particular subject of interest. The focus is really good because it helps the researchers to collect more data in a short amount of time. And the third one is gathering descriptive data by analyzing people and their actions to such an event. This method is good because we can capture the data as soon as it occurs.

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