HCAD 650 UMDC Week 12 Ethics Committee Recommendations Discussion

Complete the final recommendation as an Ethics Committee group with one recommendation in writing from the entire Ethics Committee group.

Use only classroom materials to complete the activity. This would include the textbooks, weblinks, and the Classroom law library and Compliance library.

The ethics committee group will submit a group recommendation related to the scenario your own ethics committee group discussed in the video presentation during week 8 as listed below. The group recommendation will be in writing and include references to support the content. The group recommendation will be posted in the Ethics Committee part 3 area and is due by Tuesday at midnight of Week 12. No response posts are required for this discussion.

  • Ethics Committee Group 1 – Ch 3 Medical Error: Paradise Hills Medical Center Case Study from The Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Health Care, 3rd. ed.
  • Ethics Committee Group 2 – Ch. 6 Physician Impairment: University Hospital Case Study from The Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Health Care, 3rd. ed.
  • Ethics Committee Group 3 – Ch 12 Baby Charlie and End-Of-Life Decisions Case Study from The Tracks We Leave: Ethics and Management Dilemmas in Health Care, 3rd. ed.
  • Ethics Committee Group Recommendation

    The ethics committee group recommendation should include the following with headings for each section of the group discussion response.

    A brief written summary of your groups’ Initial video responseBrief case summary with the corrections based on the received feedback and reevaluation of the case.A brief statement of the RELEVANT laws, ethical principles, and theories with the name, the statutory citation, a brief summary of how they apply to the case.A brief statement of the legal and ethical consequences if the case is not resolved.The final recommendation of how to resolve the issue. Clearly describe your recommendation. The recommendations should include: – Name and explain how you would use at least two managerial tools for compliance- Include at least two managerial actions – one for each compliance tool- Explain why each tool and action was selected over other tools 3. Justification for the recommendation that addressed 3a

  • How well your recommendation addresses all the issues on the Ethics Committee Group Issues list.
  • b.The impact of the final recommendation on the following areas with consideration of issues raised by the other groups:LegalFinancialHospitalCommunity ImageEvaluation and consideration of the modification or change proposals received by the other two groups and why you did or didn’t use recommendations from other groups. 

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