Health & Medical Question

Find the DSM Diagnostic Criteria for the following conditions.

Major Depressive Disorder in Adults

Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Adults

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in Children

Substance Abuse Disorder in Adults

Students will construct a short paper that includes a title page and reference page.  After a brief introduction about DSM codes and their purpose, students should use each of the diagnosis codes listed as a Level I heading and then describe the corresponding diagnostic criteria.  Students should only need one or two paragraphs to write the diagnostic criteria for each code.  At least 3 references other than the textbook or other course materials is required.  Cite and reference appropriately per APA writing style.  Students can utilize sources available through internet searches for the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria but some suggestions are medscape (create a free account), NCBI, AAFP.  A google search using terms such as DSM 5 criteria for xxshould also yield the information needed.

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