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Using your Week 2 journal profile, weeks 3, 4, and 7 journal entries:Personal Behavior Change Reflection: This is a 6-8 page assignment. In
addition, you should provide a title page and Reference page. Five APA
references are required, and all references must be cited within text.
1. Describe yourself using your week 1 journal profile (you do not
need to include the complete profile here, but summarize your
current wellness).
2. Describe your primary long-term behavior change goal and the
stepping stone goals identified in the week 2 SMART contract.
3. What behavior change strategies did you use? What visible
evidence do you expect to see as change happens? What are the
measurements and assessment expectations?
4. What have you accomplished thus far? What was the most
difficult thing about trying to change? Where have you fallen
5. What will you do in the next 12 weeks to continue on the path
towards meeting your goal(s)? What are the habits or behaviors
currently preventing you from reaching the long-term
goal? What internal motivations do you have for not doing what
is necessary? What are possible solutions?
6. How did it feel to try to change? What was the most satisfying
part of the process or result? What have you learned about
yourself in the process?
Personal Wellness Profile
Jack Smith
American Public University
SPHS540: Health and Wellness Coaching Behavior Change
Dr. Abbey Dondanville
September 10, 2022
Personal Wellness Profile
Social culture and life experiences influence individuals’ wellness, necessitating personal
effort to improve their quality of life. To achieve their full potential, people should invest and
focus on their wellness to streamline the self-directed and continuously evolving process that
promotes the quality of life. Wellness necessitates individuals to employ a multidimensional and
holistic approach to life, including environmental, lifestyle, mental, and spiritual health (Green &
Batool, 2018). Considering how attitudes, traits, and lifestyles interact with the six dimensions of
wellness is essential in developing a complete and inclusive wellness profile. In this view, this
paper will reflect on my health and wellness, including an analysis of strengths and weaknesses
in the six wellness dimensions.
Physical Wellness
Physical wellness requires individuals to engage in healthy behaviors such as exercise,
proper nutrition, and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse (Green et al., 2020). These approaches
foster good physical health. Maintaining physical wellness necessitates individuals to learn about
diseases to ensure adequate identification of symptoms that influence health-seeking behavior.
These aspects confer strengths that enhance my health and wellness. Practical symptom
identification allows me to seek healthcare services to manage my adult ADHD and anxiety
disorder (Green et al., 2020). Furthermore, strengths that reinforce my physical wellness include
my ability to control meal portions and moderate alcohol consumption. These strengths enable
me to improve my quality of life. Physical wellness entails recognizing the relevance of
maintaining longevity in energy and health during a lifetime. In this light, I should work with
fitness instructors who inspire positive health-related attitudes promoting physical wellness.
Physical wellness necessitates individuals to focus on the health and wellness of the physical
body and the influence of good sleep, proper nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Thus, my inability
to maintain consistent physical activity and daily consumption of unhealthy snacks compromise
my physical wellness necessitating the adoption of critical changes (Green & Batool, 2018). I
also have cholinergic urticaria which means when my body temperature rises, I break out in
hives and red patches of skin. The doctors say it typically goes away on its own but can
sometimes last 10 or more years. This makes exercising unpleasant sometimes or make it
difficult to exercise with more intensity.
Emotional Wellness
Emotional wellness depends on the balance of other dimensions of wellness. It entails the
individual ability to display and express happiness, anger, sadness, or other human emotions
(Odrovakavula & Mohammadnezhad, 2022). This aspect necessitates individuals to observe their
attitudes, feelings, and behavior enabling acceptance and comprehension. My emotional wellness
draws from various strengths. These include my cultivation of optimistic attitudes and seeking
support. Focusing on a positive perspective of life enables the maintenance of emotional
wellness, allowing me to foster positive interactions with family members. Furthermore,
supporting family members enables me to resolve emotional challenges effectively. However,
poor time management due to anxiety disorder and adult adhd compromises my emotional
wellness during stressful occasions (Odrovakavula & Mohammadnezhad, 2022). Similarly, my
inability to spend ample time with my family to foster more profound and intimate interactions is
emotionally taxing, compromising my emotional wellness.
Intellectual Wellness
This wellness dimension focuses on an individual’s ability to develop and employ critical
thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills (Green et al., 2020). This
dimension fosters the adoption of stimulating mental activities to enhance creativity. Akin to
physical wellness, which addresses the wellness of the body, intellectual wellness focus on the
mind. It is noteworthy that high intellectual wellness is evident in people who embrace
continuous learning and possess an active mind. My intellectual wellness draws from several
strengths, including my appreciation of art and my willingness to engage in creative processes
like playing video games with my daughter (Wickramarathne et al., 2020). However, my
obsessive-compulsive disorder limits continuously due to the complexities of my thought
process. This aspect creates a weakness that compromises my intellectual wellness since it
impedes my skill development. Similarly, limited curiosity impedes my interest and ability to
attend workshops or centers that teach a new skill.
Social Wellness
Social wellness focuses on the ability to interact with individuals in the global
community positively. Our societal roles demand social wellness, enabling individuals to satisfy
societal expectations (Stoewen, 2017). In this view, my social wellness benefits from strengths
such as practical communication skills and efficacy in intimacy development with friends and
family. Cultivating healthy relationships enables me to make the global community a haven
filled with positive social interactions contributing to community development. Moreover, my
respect for diversity and social and cultural backgrounds confers more strengths enabling me to
respect diverse communities and develop a large circle of friends (Stoewen, 2017). Weaknesses
in my interpersonal wellness stem from the demanding work schedule that limits my ability to
maintain relationships with my family or friends. Similarly, coming from a military family limits
my social interactions limiting interpersonal wellness.
Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual wellness necessitates possessing beliefs, principles, and values that guide
individuals to live purposeful lives (Green et al., 2020). Spiritually well individuals focus on
seeking inspiration to foster understanding of a purposeful life. This approach enables
individuals to develop an intentional lifestyle that promotes spiritual wellness. In this view, my
spiritual wellness depends on strengths such as proactive engagement in living a purposeful life
vicariously through providing help to others, including opportunities to children who enter the
foster system for a variety of reasons. My wife and I went through training to become a foster
family for the very large county we currently live in. Introspection and self-reflection enable me
to achieve spiritual wellness by allowing me to live by my principles (Green et al., 2020).
Conversely, my introverted nature limits my spiritual wellness by preventing me from
approaching life with grace and deepening my inner fortitude with positive social interactions. I
keep my circle of friends and relationships relatively small and don’t necessarily look to interact
with others often. We are fairly involved in our community events but my wife does most of the
talking as I am more of a listener.
Environmental Wellness
Environmental wellness fosters awareness of the structural surroundings, natural
environment, and social atmosphere (Wickramarathne et al., 2020). In other words,
environmental wellness requires individuals to maintain a lifestyle that leverages an
understanding of their surroundings. A vital strength that promotes my environmental wellness
includes making prompt repairs to the environment I occupy to ensure optimal physical health,
which promotes overall wellness. For instance, I repaired one of my bathrooms to reduce mold
growth. On the other hand, I reside in Virginia, which is famous for seasonal allergies. This
weakness limits my quality of life due to its influence on other dimensions of wellness, including
social and emotional wellness (Wickramarathne et al., 2020). Sometimes parents also make
exceptions or sacrifices to their health for the family as well. For example, I am allergic to dogs
but our daughter wanted a dog a lot when she was younger and so no we have had our dog for 6
years. I have to vacuum and wash my hands often to avoid hives, itchiness and swollen eyes as a
result of allergic reaction.
Divergent factors contribute to how well individuals feel. Values, attitudes, lifestyles, and
current situations are among the few determinants of wellness. This wellness profile indicates
that my wellness depends on divergent strengths, enabling me to thrive in society. However,
several weaknesses impede this harmonious existence.
Green, Z. A., & Batool, S. (2018). Bolstering male and female teachers’ self-efficacy through a
wellness intervention. Baltic Journal of Psychology, 19(1), 2. DOI:
10.5281/zenodo.3885025 Retrieved from:
Green, Z. A., Noor, U., & Ahmed, F. (2020). The body–mind–spirit dimensions of wellness
mediate dispositional gratitude and life satisfaction. Journal of Happiness Studies, 21(8),
3095-3119. Retrieved from:
Odrovakavula, L., & Mohammadnezhad, M. (2022). Psychological and spiritual dimensions of
wellness among high school students: A descriptive study in Fiji. International Journal of
Child and Adolescent Health, 15(1), 41-48. Retrieved from:
Stoewen, D. L. (2017). Dimensions of wellness: Change your habits, change your life. The
Canadian veterinary journal, 58(8), 861. Retrieved from:
Wickramarathne, P. C., Phuoc, J. C., & Tham, J. (2020). The impact of wellness dimensions on
the academic performance of undergraduates of government universities in Sri Lanka.
European Journal of Public Health Studies, 2(2). Retrieved from:
Personal Behavior Contract
Jack Smith
Based on an awareness of my health status, I,
have decided to set the following behavior-related health goal, which will contribute to improve
my personal well-being.
My health behavior goal is.
to reduce my weight through tracking my water and food intake daily as well as being more
consistent with exercise
The advantages of my achieving this goal
Is that I will get better self-care, reduce my weight, improve my mood, have better sleeping
patterns, improve mobility and reduce pain. Moreover, I will have lower risks of getting blood
pressure and heart conditions after I reduce my weight.
The anticipated difficulties in taking positive action are
Taking the wrong amount of calories, timing and commitment problems to the weight loss
initiative, distractions at work and home, and setting unrealistic weight loss goals. The changes
will limit me from achieving my weight goals within the set period.
The behaviors I will adopt to accomplish this personal health goal are
Walk to work, take lunch to work, add an evening work out routine, and add a meditation
period to my schedule.
I will reinforce my actions by
Creating a schedule on what I am supposed to do
each day to achieve my weight goals, setting a
deadline for completing all my schedules, and
setting a reminder on my phone to achieve the set
goals on time
and reward achievement of my goal by
Taking a day off to do something fun with my family, or purchasing new exercise equipment.
If I fail to achieve this health improvement goal, I will forfeit this reward.
Jack Smith
, have reviewed this contact and
agree to be a part of a positive support system throughout this behavior change project.
Jack Smith
September 17,
I have reviewed this contract and agree to take action to accomplish my goal and to discuss
the results with my positive advocate. Upon completion of this contract I will identify my next
area of opportunity and take further steps to improve my health status.
Jack Smith
September 17,
clearly define desired
I will track my water and
food intake daily and
review both intakes to
see whether I am
consuming a healthy
define goals

ultimate goal

Each daily
record will
be recorded
as one out
of the
targets set
in a week.
I will
every day
when I
complete 2
liters of
water and
then review
the records
Add 200
grams of
to the daily
food and
take two
meals daily.
time frame
create goals that motivate
set challenging
but realistic goals
set deadlines for
This goal is relevant to
the ultimate long-term
goal of losing weight. I
will manage my time
well to get free time.
After that, I will have
enough time to evaluate
my weekly food intake.
Drinking water daily
helps in the long run
health outcome of
weight loss. I will take
water because it is
Vegetables add fiber
and increase digestion.
I can take the nonstarch vegetables
because they are easily
found in the local retail

I will set aside 20
minutes each day
to do the daily
recording of the
food and water
Drinking 2 liters
daily is achievable
because water is
available at home
and in the
workplace. I will
add it to my
schedule to
remember to take
Set aside
additional funds
to buy the nonstarch vegetables
on a daily. I will
add it to my
eating schedule
and make sure I
achieve it.

I will record
the intake
daily and
review it
every week.
I will take a
total of 12
months to
track my
The water
should be
taken within
24 hours in
the day at
any time for
the next 6
I will take
200 grams
of the
daily for the
next 3

I will walk
with other
people to
work for 20
three days a
week to
increase my
stepping stones

morning for
20 minutes
for three
days a week.
Record the
achieving 20
minutes of

All resources are
available because
I will add walking
to my schedule
and ensure I do it.

I can walk as long as
the weather is good and
the path is clear.

I will walk
three times a
week for
one month.

I will take lunch to
work to reduce the
intake of restaurant
I will take lunch to
the work 4 days a
I will put my lunch schedule
on my fridge to see it daily
and set the alarm as a
I can do this four days a week
because I can cook more food at
night, which I can take the next day
during lunch
I will carry lunch to the
working location for one
I will search for a gym
near me with all the
equipment and start
evening classes. I will
attend the gym to burn
my calories through a
combination of body
I will go to the gym four
days a week for 1 hour
After work, I will set a
reminder to help me
remember to go to the gym. I
have the necessary
equipment and accessories to
use in the gym.
I am off of work at 6:00 p.m.
showing that the goal is realistic and
I will make it to the gym within the
four days.
I will do this
consistently for a month
and measure the
calorie reduction and
the weight I lost.

I will start a meditation
session. I can download
a meditation application
on my phone and train
my mind to relax
because I want to feel
I will take 20 minutes
each day for
meditation just before
I need to put a reminder on
my phone to exercise daily.
I have enough time to do this every
day as long as I am in my house
after work.
I will do the meditation
for 10 minutes daily for
one month to see
whether I am better.
Use these goals to help you complete your Personal Behavior Contract.
Jack Smith – Journal Prompt Week 3 – SPHS540
For my health and welfare some behaviors I need to change are getting
more exercise, making healthier food choices and spending more time with
family and friends. I chose these as behaviors I need to change because
taking multiple college courses and working full-time in a job that is a desk
job requires a substantial amount of my time each day. As a result, my
exercise routine is not consistent, the food choices I make are often not
planned and are unhealthier. As far as relationships with family and friends
go, I do spend time with them on the weekend but hardly any time during
the week. I am in the pre-contemplation stage because I have already
been planning and starting to implement some changes that I know need
to happen to improve these behaviors. Moving into the commitment stage
to fully implement changes is important to achieve short-term measurable
I definitely want this change to take place to bring balance to my health
and life. I have been in this stage before because I was working from
home and not exercising or eating healthy. The differences will be more
knowledge gained since then to create better time management routines
for managing a busier schedule as well as more health, nutrition, and
fitness knowledge for making better choices in the areas of diet and being
more active. Potential negative behaviors are not following a schedule,
procrastination, laziness, unhealthy food choices, lack of physical activity,
and poor time management.
Barriers to change is long hours mostly seated because of taking multiple
college courses and working a desk job. This means sitting for 70%-80%
of the day when I am awake. Lack of preparation, scheduling, or poor time
management can easily cause a ripple effect the prevents goals from being
Yes, I have done similar behavior changes before but there were less
obstacles before. I now have a fixed amount of time because of working 8 12 hours per day, then combine time for sleep and multiple college
assignments and that gives me approximately 2-4 hours per day to spend
with family, be more physically active and make sure I am sticking to a
schedule that allows time for preparing healthier food options.
It’s a mixture of both perspective and obstacles. Time is something that is
a fixed obstacle but can be managed better. If I plan accordingly then it
can be seen as a perspective because prioritizing accordingly can be
beneficial and free up time as I will know what I am doing next based on
prioritized tasks or actions towards behavior change.
Creating a better schedule that allows for better time management is
important so that I can get more consistent exercise, eat healthier and
spend more time with family and friends. Have to create a more balanced
schedule between priorities to prevent relapse to poor time management
and unhealthy behaviors like inconsistent time with family and friends,
inconsistent physical activity and unhealthy nutritional choices.
Aspect of Project
Personal evaluation and goals
Behavior change strategies (used tools from
throughout the class; integrated various
approaches to change)
Evaluation of the change process and
Plan for the future, obstacles, and solutions
Self-reflection and evaluation of behavior
Reflective Journal
Organization and presentation; Style
– grammar, spelling, punctuation, APA
Use of 5+ peer-reviewed sources
Possible Points Awarded
TOTAL /100
Active and Passive Listening Reflection
Jack Smith
American Public University
Dr. Abbey Dondanville
October 21, 2022
Active and Passive Listening Reflection
Though I was not extremely familiar with the terms active and passive listening, I
encountered both forms in my professional and personal experiences. The latter defines a
hearing function for people with the ability to perceive sound (Spataro & Bloch, 2018). On
the other hand, active listening is different because it is the function of hearing with a
deliberate intention to understand what is communicated. I would not classify myself as an
active or passive listener because my listening is ordinarily dependent on the context. I am
not very interested in politics and their association or the “norm” by which people engage
politically whether it be work politics or world politics. Therefore, I am a passive listener of
such information.
However, I am more of an active listener regarding self-improvement, medical practice, and
some select TV series. I find that maintaining eye contact and taking physical notes enhances
understanding in active listening. Additionally, taking an interest in the topic ensures that you
remain present and attentive. I find it hard to recall incidents when someone has actively
listened to me, but I do recall the passive hearing I received when talking to colleagues about
improving work morale. The concept of quiet quitting is very prevalent and affects standards
of practice. During deliberation on what to improve outcomes, I found that the group
remained largely inattentive. The group found distractions in simple tasks, which left me
feeling irritated.
In my day job I speak with many people throughout the day. Listening to someone
trying to make a behavior change, I noticed that active listening made them more enthusiastic
to talk and engage. The individual demonstrated his motivation by following up with
questions or prompts to force a positive response from me. Additionally, the individual
revised his original behavior improvement plan, probably because saying it out loud helped
iron out some concepts.
Spataro, S. E., & Bloch, J. (2018). “Can You Repeat That?” Teaching Active Listening in
Management Education. Journal of Management Education, 42(2), 168–198. Retrieved from:

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