Hillenbrand Industries
Incorporated is a multibillion-dollar health care and funeral service company located in Batesville, Indiana. The company is divided into two main publicly-listed operating companies which are Batesville Casket company and Hill-Rom. Batesville Casket company focuses on funeral services and cremations whereas Hill-Rom company focuses on medical technology and the health care industry. The company also has further 4 subsidiaries under them; namely Hill-Rom Co Inc, Batesville; Batesville Casket Company, Batesville; Sycamore Insurance Co Ltd, and the Acorn Dev Group. Hillenbrand bought over the Batesville Coffin company in 1884 when it was going thru bankruptcy and has managed to expand widely over the years. The company was founded in Batesville, Indiana, and still operates its headquarters in Indiana, while manufacturing in several other places such as in Mississippi, Tennessee, Mexico City, and Mexico. It became a public listed company in April 2008 on NYSE, and as of 2008 has 3, 400 employees. The chairman of the company is Ray J Hillenbrand and the CEO is Kenneth A-Camp. The company has reported a total of 1.
8billion dollars of revenue as of 2008. Hillenbrand’s main strategy is to “create a focused, mission-driven enterprise that can achieve business objectives and pursue growth opportunities in their respective markets. ” The Hillenbrand company operates with the tagline “healthier lives, easier transitions. ” The Batesville Casket company deals with approximately 2. 5million deaths a year in the US. On the other hand, Hill-Rom is based in the US but has sales representatives and distributors in over 14other countries around the world. Thus, the company competes with a lot of international medical companies and has to always be aware and on alert if they want to be in business. In February 2009, Hillenbrand Industries Inc reported a net income of $166. 5million dollars; in which per-share value is at $0. 43cents. This was reported to be about 10% higher than last year.


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