1. Respond to the following quotation: “The Holocaust shows not only that religious faith is untenable but also that life is absurd. A powerful and loving God could not create a world in which such events are possible. Religion is wishful thinking — ‘Fear created the first gods’ (Caecilius Statius, 2nd c. BCE). Moreover, life itself contradicts the most basic of human aspirations: to live without suffering and cruelty.” Etty herself discusses these issues, so in responding be sure to show that you know how Etty would reply to this kind of position.

The minimum length is 1,500 words. There is no maximum. Place the word count on the front of the cover letter (five points deducted if this is missing).

Characteristics of a very good exam:
· Integrates personal observation and knowledge in an insightful way.
· Provides concrete examples from the readings to support observations and interpretations.
· Integrates prior readings. (Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life. 1996, pp. vii-143)
· Uses parenthetical documentation (MLA style) to show how the text is being read and to
document sources.
· Shows tolerance and humility.
· Has correct spelling and grammar.

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