Honor Speech Paper

Write out a formal manuscript of a speech for a significant life event honoring a significant person with whom you have an inpersonal relationship in your life:

  • Choose an individual or couple to honor that you know interpersonally and have a high level of intimacy with.
  • Choose a specific, hypothetical, life event with a small formal gathering and audience where you would honor the individual or couple—such as a graduation, significant birthday party, funeral, wedding, anniversary, retirement party, going-away party, memorial event, etc. Keep the ocassion intimate and include family and friends in the audience. The focus of the event should be on the honoree(s) and not you (For example, your Dad is graduating from college, rather than you graduating and thanking your Dad at your graduation party).
  • Do NOT make the ocassion about winning a large public award, like a grammy, etc. Keep the ocassion intimate and include family and friends in the audience.
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