Houston Community College Information About Contemporary Moral Problem Paper

I need help with creating 15 six word sentences. You will require the textbook to have examples to look by. The text book is The Fundamentals of Ethics
. 4th ed. New York: Oxford University by
Landau, Russ Shafer.

The task is to create four-paragraphs containing at least fifteen (15) six-word sentences. Be creative, think and pull four chapters together. The word document has examples also to help.

We can separate the immorality of rape from the good deed of feeding the helpless. Morality persists,
even though there is no foundational explanatory value (happiness, pleasure, or desire) to guide us,
humans beings, to step beyond knowing right from wrong for all people at all times and all places
because of workable morality for doing what’s right. Why, because sometimes we do.
The following sentences provide context for chapters 1-4 giving you ideas to ponder, sentences to cope
with, compounding concepts to cry about, bundles of moral thinking to juggle, all here to trigger your
deep thoughtful wisdom regarding the language games of value—happiness, pleasure, or desire.
There is no universal moral guidebook.
Natural morality requires objective universal obligations.
There is no objective universal obligation.
There is no universal human value.
Hedonism isn’t the ultimate human value.
Happiness isn’t the ultimate human value.
Desire isn’t the ultimate human value.
Answer moral questions with moral questions.
Questions of questions seeking a definition.
There is no universal moral value.
Wisdom is knowing you don’t know.
Is there a universal Good Life?
Moral obligations require an explanatory foundation.
Morality has no universal explanatory basis.
Morality has no objective descriptive foundation.
Morality has no ahistorical logical justification.
Utility, rational happiness reflection invents objectivity.
Deontology, rational reflection excludes sentimental reflection.
Rational autonomy precludes shared decision making.
Rational persons exclude animals, children, women. (Kant)
Morality is not self-discovery; it’s invention.
Moral imagination expands human sentiment language.
Moral imagination expands human rights members.
Moral imagination extends reflection beyond reason.
Reflection can blend passion and reason.
Moral progress comes from the moral imagination.
Moral progress expands awareness of suffering.
Moral progress releases sympathy for vision.
Moral progress invents new moral vocabulary.
Moral sentiment has no natural justification.
Morality’s a human invention in sentiment.
A moral life is mindful choosing.
Many good life options are available.
Nevertheless, you can live with virtue.
The Good Life is an achievement.
Achieving The Good Life suffers change.
The Good Life’s ongoing change disrupts.
The Good Life cannot be, being static.
The Good Life is many not one.
Although Hedonism, Happiness, and desire each fail as the universal, objective (absolute) value.
Nevertheless, we rely on these values to make moral choices to fashion a moral life because there are
many ways to live a good moral life.
There need not be one absolute Good Life for a human being to live a good life.
The difference between “A Good Life” and “The Good Life” is the difference between a diversity of
moral language games and the assuming ethics can/should define or identify the single right way to live
with the single perfect universal language game. Is it a fool’s errand to believe there is only one
language game with one conforming right way to live, or must we burden ourselves with a plurality of
moral language games because we give meaning to moral autonomy?
How does Louis Armstrong’s song “What a wonderful world” capture the good life?
What song captures the good life for you?
With your song?
What is the role of Hedonism, Happiness, and Desire in fashioning a Good Life? Does fashioning the
Does the diversity of moral life eliminate judgments of right and wrong, moral and immoral, the right
way to live and the wrong way to live?
Moral autonomy is a language game.
Happiness is a human language game.
Pleasure is a human language game.
The Good Life language Game sings.
How does your moral life sing?
Each question assumes autonomous language games.
Each question assumes multiple language games.
Multiple values language games requires diversity.
Your initial post is a four-paragraphs containing at least fifteen (15) six-word sentences. Be creative,
think and pull four chapters together by creating your own.

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