Houston Community Patient Nursing Diagnosis Requirements and Treatment Paper

Clinical outcome evaluation
Conduct initial and ongoing patient assessment.
2. Needs
Diagnoses a patient’s nursing care needs based on assessment finding.
3. Care Plan
Develops a theoretically based and individualized plan of care.
Implements and evaluates the effectiveness of initial interventions and makes
modifications as the patient situation requires.
Demonstrate safe nursing care.
6. Communicate.
Communicates verbally and / or in writing the delivery of nursing care and patient’s
7. Organized.
Organizes time and materials effectively in completing patient care and attending clinical
Experiences and conferences.
8. Self Reliant
Assumes responsibility for own learning , communicating need for assistance when
9. Communicates with staff
Communicates appropriately with staff , instructor , peer , patient, family and other
Health care providers.
10. Professionalism.
Demonstrates professional behavior. Participates in online discussion.
11. Student comment on evaluation

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