In this world, there are many type of language exist.
Some of them exist since the ancient history such as Mandarin and Arabic. However, plenty of them was formed by the evolvement of other language. For example, Korean and Japanese languages exist from the evolvement of Mandarin Language. Other than that, Malay language exist from the evolvement of Arabic language and all them still been used until now on. Moreover, today life needs us to learn the foreign language for the communication among our community in daily life.So, we need to learn the foreign language step by step until we get used to it. The most vital things that a language will never exist without it is vocabulary.
First of all, we need to fulfill our brain with a bunch of vocabularies in order to communicate with other races. The ways that we can do are by reading the foreigner language’s books. We can start by reading the easiest and fun book such as comics and then we try to get the feel of the language. Therefore, with the basic vocabulary, we can talk to them without any doubt.After that, we should up to the next step which is mastering the language grammar. As all of us know, a language without any grammar form is not a true language. The reason is, the unique of a language is depends on the grammar.

So what would we do is, find any tutor class which can help us with our grammar. Actually, we don’t have to take a long period to mastering it. Just a few months needed to learn the basic grammar. But as a precaution, please be prepared ourselves with patience because many people cannot stand still whilst learning a grammar.However, once you had grabbed the knowledge about the grammar, it will never let you down because you will have no more problem to use it. The final step is not so vital as the vocabulary and grammar, but it is needed to build our confident in ourselves. Since we learn a foreign language, it is necessary for us to use it thoroughly or it will be a waste.
So, what we will do is practicing it. ‘’practice make perfect’’ in all things including the communication skills.There are many ways we can keep practicing it such as talk with our teacher or friends or we can chatting with the language user in many social network. For example, facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, friendster and etc. so, there is no reason for us to feel shame to use the foreign language. As a conclusion, the three steps should be taken in order for us to learn the foreign language. What the important things is be confident with ourselves and never feel ashamed to use it.
The moment that you had felt confident with your grammar and vocabulary, you will fall in love to the language deeply in your heart.

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