Howard Community College Communications Essay

Format: You must have four sections of your outline (Introduction, Body, Conclusion andBibliography) and each section must have the appropriate heading. This outline must be infull sentence format. The Introduction and Conclusion must have capital letters next to each of theelements in the section. Each element must be on a separate line. The main points inthe body of the outline must have Roman numerals and the supporting details musthave uppercase letters. The supporting details and sub-supporting details must beArabic numbers and lowercase letters. You can review the sample outlines in theassigned course textbook and the associated module content. Just remember thatyou have to adjust your outline to this assignment.Nonverbal behavior: Indicate nonverbal signals throughout your outline.Introduction: You must have the following elements in the introduction. First,attention getter/grabber, second: credibility, third: thesis and last: preview. Eachelement must be separate and have an uppercase letter next to it. Please see theexample below:


IntroductionA. Believe it or not, chocolate is good for us to eat! (Look at audience and smile!)B. Not only am I a chocolate lover, I am a professional baker and I specialized inchocolate desertsC. There are many benefits of eating chocolateD. Today, I’ll explain the health benefits and psychological benefits of eating chocolate. Body: You can only use one organization pattern to organize your main points andyour main points must be parallel. You must have between two to five main pointsthat are subdivided. Each main point should have at minimum two supporting pointsand at maximum five supporting points. You must consistently separate all points(main, supporting, sub-supporting, etc.) by using the appropriate Roman numerals,Arabic numbers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters. All supporting points and sub supporting points must be indented appropriately.All transitions, internal summaries or reviews and signpost must be in either brackets orparenthesis. (If you use material or information from another source, please do notforget to cite your source.) Conclusion: You must have the following elements in your conclusion. First, review thepreview, then write the memorable thought and last include thank you. Again, allelements mustbe separate and have an uppercase letter next to it. Please see theexample below:


ConclusionA. You should now know the health and psychological benefits of eating chocolate

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