Review your iProfile Journal, the dietary reference intake (DRI), and the iProfile Intake Spreadsheet. Does your dietary intake for the day you recorded provide a healthful diet? Why or why not? The dietary intake that was recorded for day one provided for a healthful diet. I consumed Did you consume the recommended DRI from each of the food groups, vitamins, and minerals? Good nutrition is important for everyone. Healthful diets enable people of all ages to work productively and feel their best.
A food journal of consumed food will allow an individual to understand which food groups provide a healthy fat content as well as vitamins and minerals. The following is an analysis of my food intake for September 14, 2008 using the Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) Website. The Center is a wonderful way to obtain a portion of the vitamins needed every day. When reviewing my recorded intake and analyzing the results, I realized that changes still needed to be made.
While vitamins and minerals such as Thiamin, Riboflavin, and Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Zinc were met, other daily vitamin and nutrient recommendations were not met. In conclusion, one way to understand which food Which groups of foods are underrepresented or overrepresented in your diet? If you did not consume the recommended number of servings from each group, explain why. Propose how you might consume the recommended number of servings from each group in the future.

Paying attention to food labels and making daily adjustments to my food intake will ensure that the appropriate amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are consumed. Some areas I consumed the recommended minimum number of servings for the food group in the pyramid, in other areas I consumed about half of the recommended servings for the food group, while yet in one specific area I didn’t consume any servings of the food in the food group of the pyramid. Did your diet provide an adequate variety of foods, or were your choices limited?
Refer to the Food Pyramid in iProfile to see how you fulfilled your goals for the various food pyramid groups. If you did not eat a variety of foods, how might you expand your field of choices? The food groups that are outlined by the food pyramid are imperative to staying healthy. Everyone should be cognizant when eating meals and snacks so they consume the right amount of each food group. If a person is not taking in consuming the adequate amounts of a certain food they will become deficient in the recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients.
The body depends on our intake of the proper nutrients in order to function properly and stay healthy. Eating healthy is not just something that people do in order to keep their bodies healthy, but it also helps to keep their minds healthy and focused. There are many times that I will go without eating, or will eat things that are terrible for me, and afterwards I feel like doing nothing but sleeping. Not only does my body feel tired and unmotivated, but my mind feels like Compare your diet to that of the sample profile for Kelly Watson.
Whose diet provides the best opportunity for health and well-being? Which profile provides the best philosophy of health? Provide a rationale for your answers. My diet compared to Kelly Watson’s provides the best opportunity for health and well-being. In addition, the profile that I have established is the best philosophy of health. Kelly’s consumed a lot of sugar, fats and empty calories. Also, some of the foods that were consumed did not provide the best nutritional value and could have either been exchange for a healthier choice or eliminated.
In addition, some of the portions could have been reduced as well. The convenience of prepared food that is readily available to us in today’s society has changed the dynamics of the way many people consume food. It is much easier to grab a burger, order of French fries, or pizza than prepare a salad at home for lunch the next day. This in a sense has given many people the idea of leaving the responsibility of healthy food preparation to the different restaurants that are available to us each day. Cite two references other than the course texts. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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