ICC Cinema Connection Paper

youwill write and submit a ‘Concept Critique & Cinema Connection’ on the concept of ‘gaze‘ or ‘male gaze,’drawing from your reading of this week’s assigned articles: (i) Mulvey (1975/2000) and (ii) Cooper (1989/1990),and your viewing of the required film The Home and the World(i.e. you can watch the film, fully, via the link provided below, and/or see trailers, clips & screenshots provided in lecture PPT, and/or on YouTube/other streaming platforms)

First, explain or define the culture and communication concept of ‘gaze’ or ‘male gaze.’

Second, find one scene or interaction from the film The Home and the World where any one of the intercultural communication concepts, i.e. ‘gaze’ or ‘male gaze’ can be applied, and explain the concept’s or theory’s relevance in this scene/film, paying special attention to how it fits in within the larger contexts of human, migrations, cultural, social and/or identity movements.

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