I need an 5 paragraph essay with the Topic of How Technology Has Changed My Life for Better or Worse. This assignment must include A THESIS STATEMENT, AN ESSAY MAP, AND A CONCLUSION along with the essay. It must be 5 paragraphs here are the instructions: 
Narrow the essay to 3 points that you want to explain. In other works, if you chose the Favorite Holiday, your 3 body paragraphs are to explain your 3 points. For example: If I chose Christmas, I would write about all the food in one paragraph; the gather of family would be my second body paragraph. My last body paragraph might be about attending church and the traditions we do at Christmas Service. 
Write your thesis statement. Include the “essay map” in your thesis.
Begin writing or typing your 1st paper.
Once you have finished it, look over the paper for coherence and unity. In other words, is everything in your paper about what you said in the Thesis Statement? Did you add any extra information that really should not be there?

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