Indian River State College Argument in Favor of Epiphenomenalism Paper

Your paper should include:

  1. A short introductory paragraph, with a clear thesis statement (e.g., I shall argue that Plato’s argument is … because …). Your thesis should almost always be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.
  2. A short, charitable reconstruction of the argument as presented by the philosopher whose position you rely on (you may, but need not, use standard premise / conclusion form).
  3. An brief explanation, in your own words, of the position that you’re describing (such as the Categorical Imperative, Justice as Fairness, etc.)
  4. An original argument, in which you make the case that answers the question, based on the philosophical position under investigation.
  5. A suitable concluding paragraph.
  6. Make reference to, and discuss meaningfully, at least two of the philosophers that we’ve read so far in the course.
  7. At least two sources, and no internet sources as internet sources. Except for class notes, unless a source is also printed in a physical form (e.g., book or journal) it is not an appropriate source, so you should not read it for class, and you should never cite it in an essay. (Read that sentence again to be sure you understand it).
  8. No direct quotations. It is never necessary to directly quote any author. When it is important to rely on someone else’s ideas, simply explain the position which he/she is defending. It is, however, necessary to cite all authors whose ideas you reference. Thus, if you begin a sentence with, e.g., “According to Plato…”, you should end that sentence with a citation. Essays that include “direct quotations” will not receive a grade higher than a D. (Read that sentence again, too, to be sure you understand it).
  9. A clear and complete bibliography
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