Introduction to Philosophy The Limits of Self Love Essay

Thesis topic:Based on Book 9, chapter 8 of Nicomachean Ethics, The topic of selfishness and self-love is still up for questioning. I understand that someone who loves himself through virtue is capable of loving others well, but I would like to dig a bit deeper into why a selfish person cannot love someone else. Also can it be possible for someone with self-love to be selfish. If I can possibly ask the question: To love or be loved, which is more important?


The Final Thesis essay must be between 1,000-1,500 words.This paper is what you are building towards in your exegesis essay and argument evaluation essay. Your thesis will address and be in conversation with one or more of our assigned texts (the Republic, the Apology, the Nicomachean Ethics, the Confessions, the Physics, or one of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas)

You will have to (a) formulate your own clear creative thesis based in a specific quotation in the text [a thesis must be disputable], (b) make arguments using the text to support or answer your thesis, (c) anticipate and name possible objections to and arguments against your thesis, (d) give rebuttals to those refutations that defend your thesis and ultimate conclusion.

You are being graded on your ability to (1) correctly identify a specific universal truth claim one of the philosopher’s is making, (2) correctly explain the full argument and reasons that philosopher gives for why that universal truth claim is universally true and how it relates to the book as a whole,(3)give objections (and then rebuttals) / pose critical questions to both the truth claim the philosopher is making and the argument the author uses to support it

This essay must have an introduction paragraph, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. This essay MUST use quotations from the text you choose, integrate those quotations into your sentences, and then cite those quotations and any use of the text in either Chicago Turabian or MLA format (see writing resources). Therefore, it must have both in text citations and a bibliography at the end. No other sources (like SparkNotes or Wikipedia) may be consulted for this essay other than the Republic, the Apology, the Nicomachean Ethics, the Confessions, the Physics, or one of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas. If you consult a source and do not cite it that is plagiarism and it will be reported to the Dean.

A successful thesis essay will:

1. Have a specific, narrow, creative and clear thesis question or statement in the Introduction that specifically is in conversation with and based in one of the texts we read. No one else on earth should be able to write this paper other than you. You must do more than agree or disagree. This is NOT AN OPINION ESSAY. You must make a claim or ask a question yourself the way our authors are doing and then give logical reasons and arguments or potential answers. You may do exactly what you did with the Argument evaluation essay, pick a very specific quotation from one of the authors and then ask a critical question about it.

2. Have clear roadmap of the essay in the Introduction

3. Explain what the quotation you chose means in the full context the authors means it and in the full context of the whole book. Why is this author making this claim? Define its terms and using quotations explain the argument used to support the claim the author is making.

4. Explain your thesis. Make sure you defined and clarified all of your terms and what you mean by your question or statement and reasoning.Give at least 2-3 reasons for a) why your thesis is correct if it is a statement or b) how your thesis is a real problem and can begin to be answered if it is a critical question. Make your argument and support your thesis using the text and by integrating cited quotations into your sentences and logical reasoning.

5. Give at least 2 potential objections to your thesis and/or argument and the logical reasoning you are using to support your claim. Why might a perfectly reasonable person disagree with you? What would the best version of that person’s argument be? Make your objections using the text and by integrating cited quotations into your sentences and logical reasoning.

6. Rebut the 2 objections you just made to your argument. How would you address the reasonable concerns of someone who found real problems with your thesis and argument? What reasons would you give and how would you support your argument to show them that your thesis is indeed true and compelling?Make your rebuttal using the text and by integrating cited quotations into your sentences and logical reasoning.

7. Conclude your essay by restating your thesis and argument for that thesis. Also, include something more than that–make sure to tell your audience what was at stake in your paper, what was gained in your paper, and why they are better off as human beings and scholars for having taken the time to read your paper.

8. Meet the word count, be grammatically correct, well formatted, and easy to understand

Primary Book reference:

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, translated by Roger Crisp, Cambridge University Press 2014, ISBN 9781107612235.

You may also use as a second source to the topic..

Plato, A Plato Reader: Eight Essential Dialogues. edited by C. D. C. Reeve, Hackett2012, ISBN 9781603848114.

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