This week you will analyze a peer-reviewed, empirical journal article utilizing your understanding of research methods, intelligence and emotions. Read the following article:

Bhochhibhoya, A., Branscum, P., Taylor, E. L., & Hofford, C. (2014). Exploring the relationships of physical activity, emotional intelligence and mental health among college students. American Journal Of Health Studies, 29(2), 191-198.
After reading the article, answer the following questions:

What research methodology was utilized in this study? Explain the research methods using correct scientific method terminology.
What were the results? How do the results affect your understanding of this issue?
How does this information extend the understanding of intelligence?
How does emotional intelligence relate to our understanding of motivation and emotion?
In what circumstances might you apply and/or utilize the information presented in this article?

Assignment Expectations:


1000-1200 words; answers must thoroughly address each question in a clear, concise manner

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