The project described below is from the American Computer Science League which was used in one of their early competitions. The project demands careful reading and understanding of the task at hand. It also brings together a great many skills we have developed since the beginning of the course. Among these are : reading from an external data file, using loops, using conditional branching, designing our own methods and using the String class. Be advised that you will need to develop a careful design before you begin this project. You also may need to review earlier material on reading from an external data file. A data file will be provided for test purposes.
Problem  Definition : 
The vowels on planet ACSL are naturally enough, the letters A, C, S, and L. All other letters are considered to be consonants. There are two tasks associated with each word : forming the plural and adding a suffix. Your program is to form the plural of words and attach suffixes.

Check the rules in the attached files.

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