JUC Enhancing Organizational Processes Question

Jubail University CollegeDepartment of Business Administration
MIS 101 Computer Applications
Semester 432
Assignment I
Lecturer: Mohammed Qelhas
432_MIS 101_Assignment 1
Write a 10 pages’ report about “How computer Applications such as Microsoft
Office Excel can help organizations dealing with recruitment and planning?”
You can take any type of business as an example and discuss how it can improve
its business processes by using a spreadsheet. You have to give an example of a
company and discuss it.
You will be working as a group of 4 students to complete this assignment and you
will be graded equally unless it is reported that some students did not do their share
of the assignment.
You will need to search and read further literature on the topic and collaborate to
produce a single unified report.
The purpose of this assignment is to encourage the practice of teamwork and assess
your knowledge of how computer applications can benefit businesses in various
Your report should include:
 Cover page (JUC Logo, Course information, group members’ names and
 An introduction
 Body (discussion)
 Conclusion
 References
Please make sure that the design is as follows:
 Font size 12
 Line spacing 1.5 (Do not make huge spaces between paragraphs)
 Make sure to have a header and footer
 Make sure to add photos when needed.
Deadline: THURSDAY, 10 March, 2022 @ 11:59 PM
Plagiarism percentage should not exceed 30% including resources and everything

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