Kaplan University Group Dynamics and Organization Development Tools Discussion

Group Dynamics and Organization Development Tools

Discussion Instructions

Complete the free The VIA Character Strengths Survey from this unit’s readings, if you have not done already. In your post:

  1. Review the insights about your character strengths on the site where you take the survey. How can the findings from this assessment help a consultant in practice?
  2. Select one other assessment that could be used as a tool for teambuilding or group development. You may select another strengths assessment such as StrengthsFinder or the Reflected Best Self, a conflict assessment such as the TKI, an assessment of preferences for judgment and decision making, such as the MBTI or the DiSC. Conduct external research on the assessment you chose for this discussion.
  3. Compare and contrast the VIA character strengths assessment with the other assessment you selected for group development. In your comparison, consider the purpose of each assessment. Write about the potential usefulness of the other assessment for group work you selected and its strengths and limitations.
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