King Fahd Security College Polyphenolic Extract of INSP 5 PTASE Essay

  • IntroductionThe portfolio project is an individual formative assessment all students must complete. Your report should be between 2000-2500 words and follow the guidelines presented.TaskFor this task, you will learn about how to structure and complete your portfolio project. Students must choose one of the four research articles provided in the Portfolio project.pdf slides. You will begin structuring your project in line with the guidelines. (Allow 1 hour)ProcessFirst, you will download the PowerPoint Slides on Portfolio project guidelinesThen, Read over the slides.DeadlineTBCNextWhen the task is complete go to Task 3.1.2: Portfolio Project Discussion board
  • Task 3.1.2: Portfolio Project Discussion BoardIntroductionAll students must inform the instructor of their choice of research question before beginning to write their portfolio project.TaskFor this task, you will have downloaded and reviewed the slides in Task 3.1.1. You are required to choose from one of the four research papers below;The Metabolic and Performance Effects of Caffeine.pdf 2. Substance addiction in KSAChanging trends of substance addiction in Saudi.pdf 3. GM tomato to treat cancerPolyphenolic extract of InsP 5-ptase.pdf 4. Smartphone-powered efficient water disinfection at the point of useSmartphone-powered efficient water disinfection.pdf You will choose one paper and explain why you have chosen this question (why it interests you) and post this to the discussion board.This will keep the instructor informed of your topic.ProcessFirst, you will create a thread Post the research paper you have chosenYou must explain why you have chosen this question for your projectSubmit your postDeadlineTBCNextWhen the task is complete go to Task 3.1.3: BB Live collaborate
  • Task 3.1.3: Portfolio ProjectIntroductionThis activity is designed to support you as you write your individual portfolio project. Students should keep a record of their progress and can post sections into the journal to receive individual feedback on the writing and/or analysis.TaskFor this task, you will post journal entries of the following sections of your portfolio project that you require specific individual feedback and pointers. Students can post a paragraph from each of the following sections; Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion.Allow approximately 2 hours to completeProcessStep 1First, You will begin writing the individual sections of your reportSubmit a single paragraph for each section into your journal

Portfolio project
Portfolio Project
• The purpose of the portfolio project is to provide an assessment in which
you are able to demonstrate your understanding and application of the
• The individual portfolio project will be measured against all four course
intended learning outcomes;
1. Explain observations. [PILO 1.1]
2. Interpret assumptions. [PILO 1.1]
3. Evaluate sources. [PILO 2.3]
4. Propose hypothesis. [PILO 4.4]
How to conduct your portfolio project
• You must choose one of the research articles to answer for your
portfolio project.
• Once you have chosen a scientific article – post your choice on the BB
discussion board to inform your instructor.
• Portfolio projects should cover all CILO criterion and include
Students must choose one research article to
base their portfolio project on
1. Caffeine and physical performance
2. Substance addiction in KSA
3. GM tomato to treat cancer
4. Smartphone-powered efficient water disinfection at the point of use
Students Portfolio project should follow the
structure below and cover all points
• Identify the research question and rationale posed by the article
• Provide a hypothesis and null hypothesis that applies to question (and papers associated)
• Discuss the scientific rigor of the articles associated with your question (ie critically analyse and compare and
contrast the articles)
• Analyze the data provided in both papers to determine whether or not this accepts or rejects you null
hypothesis (You must explain why and reference the data in this section)
• Generate a conclusive scientific theory from the articles you are provided with and explain the assumptions of
the theory identified.
• Provide a conclusion, in which you must relate the findings of the the journal articles and provide areas of
future research
• Remember this is a summative assignment
• Meaning you cannot receive formal feedback on your answers
• Copying and pasting from each other or online sources is not
• Plagiarism will result in a grade of Zero – all work should be your own
• 1st of April 1pm is the deadline for submission

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