Long Beach City College Childhood and Personality Development Analytical Review

Psych 1 Introductory Psychology OnlineInstructor: Elizabeth Curtis
Preferred method of communication for this course is email: ecurtis@lbcc.edu
(Please allow up to 24 hours for a response)
Psychology in Everyday Life, 5th Edition
David G. Myers, C. Nathan DeWall
Publisher: Worth, ISBN: 9781319241551
Campus Bookstore (562) 938-4223
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Participation is the responsibility of the student. Each student is responsible for dropping the
course by the drop/withdrawal deadline if the student does not wish to be enrolled in the course.
1. Describe the development of psychology from its historic roots in philosophy to its current
status as a modern science.
2. Have a working knowledge of the content areas of the many subfields in psychology.
3. Become familiar with the key theorists in the field of psychology.
4. Knowledge of the scientific method in psychology to gain a reliable body of knowledge about
5. Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation for cross cultural differences in human
behavior, and well as universals in human nature.
6. Reason using psychological terminology and principles. This includes applying critical
thinking strategies to examine competing psychological theories.
Reading assignments are indicated in the course calendar. In order to benefit from the class and
keep up with the pace of instruction, it is essential that you complete each reading in a timely
manner. Reading the textbook will be an essential aspect of successful completion of this course.
Respectful conversational techniques are expected in an online class environment. Proper
netiquette is important when responding to discussion topics and other students. Please
review the following resource: http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html
This course adheres to the LBCC policy regarding academic integrity and plagiarism.
All students are expected to submit their own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and any
student caught plagiarizing or cheating on an exam will get a score of zero on that
assignment/exam, and is subject to further disciplinary action.
Academic dishonesty includes:
CHEATING – use or attempted use of unauthorized materials, information or study aids or an
act of deceit by which a student attempts to misrepresent mastery of academic effort or
information. This includes unauthorized copying or collaboration on a test or assignment or
using prohibited materials and texts.
FABRICATION – falsification or invention of any information (including falsifying research,
inventing or exaggerating data and listing incorrect or fictious references.
ASSISTING – helping another commit an act of academic dishonesty. This includes paying or
bribing someone to acquire a test or assignment, changing someone’s grades or academic
records, or taking a test/doing an assignment for someone else (or allowing someone to do these
things for you).
TAMPERING – altering or interfering with evaluation instruments and documents.
PLAGIARISM – representing the word or ideas of another person as one’s own OR presenting
someone else’s words, ideas, artistry or data as one’s own. This includes copying another person’s
work (including unpublished material) without appropriate referencing, presenting someone
else’s opinions and theories as one’s own, or working jointly on a project, then submitting it as
one’s own.
If you experience computer difficulties (need help logging into the course, or if you experience
any errors or problems while in your online course), contact the help desk for assistance:
(562) 938-4250
There will be 4 Exams (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, essay question) based on unit
assignments and assigned chapters from your text. Each exam will be worth 50 points.
In addition, there will be a Final Exam (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, essay question) worth
100 points covering the material considered during the semester. Exams must be completed by
the due date. There are no due date extensions.
There will be 14 quizzes (multiple-choice, fill in the blank, essay question) worth 20 points each
based on unit assignments and assigned chapters from your text. Quizzes must be completed by
the due date. There are no due date extensions.
Throughout the semester, you will log into launchpad for access to online study guides,
interactive tutorials, videos, access the course text e-book, learning curve adaptive assessments,
quizzes, and interactive assignments. Students who do not choose to purchase the course text can
access the text free through the Launchpad e-book. Launchpad assignments are worth 5-10
points each.
Writing Assignment
Theoretical Paper. 50 points. You will need to write a minimum three-page paper on one of
the topics listed below. Include a 4th page to cite your references using APA format . Indicate
your topic choice by number on your paper next to your name. In your paper, be sure to discuss
information you have learned in this course. The paper must be typed (12-point times new roman
font, double spaced with one-inch margins, standard lettering with no additional spaces between
Save your writing assignment as a word document or pdf, and then upload the document
via the course webpage under the writing assignment tab. PAPER MUST BE
For assistance citing references using APA format please see:
The first step in writing a theoretical paper is to come up with a topic. Often you write a paper
with the idea of making a point or taking a position on some issue. This is generally put into the
form of a “thesis statement” which is included in your introductory paragraph. A thesis statement
organizes your paper by making an assertion that you intend to support with evidence of one
kind or another throughout the rest of your paper. The statement supplies structure for the paper
that will follow. From reading this one sentence, your reader will know to expect an explanation
as well as a discussion of the position you are taking on an issue. The body of your paper should
be made up of evidence you supply to support your thesis statement. At the end of your paper,
you should also pull things together in a concluding paragraph. Your conclusion should
summarize the material you have presented and tell your reader what inferences you make from
it. It is also a good idea to present counter arguments to your thesis, and then explain why these
arguments should not be accepted as evidence strong enough to reject your thesis.
1. Do early childhood experiences play a role in personality development? Discuss your
view as to how your early childhood experiences influenced your personality
development and who you are now. What mistakes do you feel your parents made? What
would you do differently if you were to become a parent, or what have you done
differently if you were a parent? What mistakes do you think parents today are making?
What are the most positive or negative things you remember as an adolescent? Who do
you credit or blame- your parents or peers? Discuss some of the ways in which the
child-rearing practices, views of marriage, education, and values that you were exposed
to as a child have influenced who you are today. Give examples to support your
discussion of the topic.
2. Can television, electronic games, internet and social networks be addicting? What do
they have in common with other addictive substances or experiences? Are children more
susceptible to these effects than adults? Give examples to support your discussion of the
3. How do gender differences influence personality development? How gender typed are
you? What has influenced your feelings of masculinity or femininity? What common
lifestyle differences might make men or women more susceptible to different kinds of
stress and health problems? What are some gender similarities and differences in
aggression, social power, and social connectedness? Give examples to support your
discussion of the topic.
4. Compare the social skills and personality development of your friends and yourself to
those who did not grow up with computers, the internet and social networks playing a
central role in their lives. Do you see differences in sociability, shyness, self-concept or
other personality characteristics? Do you think that texting, emailing, or posting online
increases your sense of belongingness or leaves you feeling more isolated? Give
examples to support your discussion of the topic.
5. What strategies have you used to cope with stress in your life? How well are they
working? Considering strategies discussed in the text, what could you try? Can you think
of a recent time when you noticed your body’s reaction to a stressful experience? How
did you interpret the situation? What emotion did you feel? Imagine a situation in which
you would like to change the way you feel. How could you do so by altering your facial
expressions or the way you carry yourself? Give examples to support your discussion of
the topic.
Paper will be graded using the following criteria:
● Provides a strong thesis statement in the introductory paragraph (5-10 points)
● Provides significant details to support thesis (5-10 points)
● Paper is clear, coherent, ideas are presented in a logical order and considers counter
arguments where possible (5-10 points)
● Conclusion supports the topic and summarizes key points (5-10 points)
● Paper is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors (5-10 points)
Discussion Forum
In order to reinforce course concepts and theories, online discussions will be integrated into the
course. Online students are expected to have an active role in contributing to the course
discussions. In order to contribute to this online learning environment, you will need to engage in
conversations with each other as it pertains to the discussion topic. Students will make at least 3
responses per discussion question to earn full credit for the assignment (one original, and two
additional comments to other students’ responses).
To receive full credit for discussion posts, students should observe the following guidelines:
● Follow directions and answer all parts of the discussion topic.
● You cannot earn full credit with less than 3 responses.
● Providing a well thought out response to the discussion topic is required. A minimum of
50 words for initial response and a minimum of 25 words to at least 2 other students is
● Late posts are not accepted.
● Avoid abbreviated responses, such as: “I agree!”, “great point!”, “LOL”, or any type of
emoji. Please do not type your response as if you are sending a text message to someone
familiar. These abbreviations do not count towards the minimum word requirement.
Points are earned by adding meaningful responses.
● You are required to respond to the discussion forum at least three times per topic posted
(once in response to the topic and at least twice more in response to other students).
● Each original response will earn a maximum of 5 points; each response to another
student will earn a maximum of 2.5 points per discussion for a total of 10 points per
discussion question.
● Please be respectful of others when responding.

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