LSC Loaded Language Discussion

1. Watch the video clip ” On the Air ” to help you identify the Barriers in Communication.2.The video clip portrays an on-air conversation between two speakers on opposite sides of an issue. A host moderates the conversation. Listen for examples of loaded language or barriers in each speaker’s monologues. This activity can be difficult because it is a challenge to separate what we consider to be barriers or loaded language from our own reaction to the language. In other words, it’s easy to identify loaded language when we disagree with the point being made; it’s more challenging to do so when we agree with the speaker’s point. Try to evaluate the speakers objectively, irrespective of your own agreement with the speakers’ positions.3.After watching the entire conversation, which speaker had more barriers in their communication? Also, which speaker was most persuasive?there will be a list of some ways in which our language choices can create barriers in our communication with others. this is the list The following are some ways in which our language choices can create barriers in our communication with others:o Intensional orientation is the tendency to view the world in the way it’s talked about or labeled. EXAMPLE: Your friend tells you that her mother is a control-freak. When you first meet her mother, you react to her as if she is indeed a control-freak, instead of getting to know her first. To combat intensional orientation, respond to things first; look for the labels second.o Allness is the tendency to describe the world in extreme terms that imply one knows all or is saying all there is to say. EXAMPLE: “I will never pass Math.” To combat allness, remind yourself that you can never know all or say all about anything.o Fact-inference confusion is the tendency to confuse factual and inferential statements and to respond to inferences as if they were facts. EXAMPLE: You see a couple leaving a fertility clinic. You assume they are trying to get pregnant. However, they actually work at the clinic and are not even in a relationship. To combat such confusions, distinguish facts from inferences and respond to inferences as inferences, not as facts.o Indiscrimination is the tendency to group unique individuals or items because they’re covered by the same term or label. EXAMPLE: “He’s just like the rest of them: lazy, stupid, a real slob.: To combat indiscrimination, recognize uniqueness, and index each individual in a group (teacher1, teacher2).o Polarization is the tendency to describe the world in terms of extremes or polar opposites. EXAMPLE: “Either you are for me or against me.” To combat polarization use middle terms and qualifiers.o Static evaluation is the tendency to describe the world in static terms, denying constant change. EXAMPLE: In high school, you thought Teri was a snob. Ten years later, Teri finds you on Facebook and sends a friend request. You deny the request because you still see her as a snob. To combat static evaluation, recognize the inevitability of change; date statements and evaluations, realizing, for example, that Gerry Smith1991 is not Gerry Smith2001.o Disconfirmation is communication that ignores another, that denies the other person’s definition of self. EXAMPLE: Not returning phone calls or emails; ignoring when someone is speaking; dismissing someone’s communication.o Racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism is language that discriminates against race, age, gender or sexual is the link to Video…

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