LSU My Final Outcome of The Game Was Our Breakup Discussion

Many youth begin to date during their teen years.  These early relationships provide youth with opportunities to learn about relationship formation and maintenance, but they also are venues where individuals often replicate behaviors they learned about or were exposed to earlier in their lives.  The experiences we have during such relationships have important implications for our immediate and future actions.  The Honeymoon game (

) provides a unique window in how individuals navigate teenage romantic relationships and highlights strategies for how youth can avoid getting involved in unhealthy romantic relationships.  For this journal activity, you should first play through the Honeymoon game.  After you have played the game, write about the following: What were some of the decisions you made? Why did you make those decisions? What was the final outcome of your character in the game?  Finally, how useful are games like Honeymoon for helping youth to engage with difficult issues such as how to navigate romantic relationships?

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