LU Major Health Behavioral Issues among US High School Students Discussion

Assignment: Choose FOUR specific questions from this website

. Thencritique the questions asked, results, and purpose programs to address four of the answers that you consider a problem (each of thefour solutions should be discussed in detail separately). Compare at least two states to each other and then compare those statesagainst the national average. With each state you pick, list which issues are better or worse than the national average. Then provide twoalternative methods to surveying for at least two of the problems and write up how you might study a local school in more detail toverify, understand, and provide a report of the results. Make sure to look at the MMWR supplements and pick one of them to focus onin terms of the school you want to study.

Hint: The purpose of this is to choose four questions from this link and offer 4 solutions per question (along with comparing data between two states). So for each question there should be four solutions, with a total of four questions and 16 solutions. (Going on the website to browse the questions and graphs will make this assignment make more sense)


1. papers require APA, ASA, or MLA formatting. Double space 12 point font (using proper formatting fonts), one inchmargins, no tabbed lists and no quotes beyond a sentence or two

2. Proper citations along with bibliography

3. Room for a tittle page

4. Considering the paper requires four solutions to each of the four questions, this paper should reach almost 10 pages if not more.

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