It is sometimes inevitable to some employees who does not know Bert and John personally to become inferior and feel small than to those who can approach them easily, Poor hiring. They might encounter this Issue since companies have limited positions available. It was mentioned that they hire people who also have an optimistic side besides of having skills and competence. A large number of people has this trait. They might have a hard time choosing the right ones. Falling to disseminate information equally. Life is Good is a very large company.
This means they have enormous number of employees. Information is essential to everyone but sometimes, It Is hard to distribute them. Information might be only directed to primary users not to secondary users. The most important function is controlling. This ensures that all other functions of the government is working properly. Controlling helps the company to ensure all products produced by employees meets the standards of the people. Bert and John might address all of the issues they face by identifying those and implementing needed remedy for a smooth operation. . Bert and John’s managerial style includes their motto. They believe that their employees must feel part of their company too. Doing what they feel like increases the likelihood of lasting relationship between their employees. In this sense, they will operate efficiently. This approach will not certainly apply to other companies since others must maintain the leader and follower distance. 3. For me, their motto is the essential part of their company. Even this Is not appropriate for others. This seems to be working with Life is Good.
Their company has been operating for quite some time now and they have produced great results. I believe this does not interfere with the solid management foundation set up by Bert and John Instead. This motivates their employees to do more. 4. There might be challenges in having your friends work for your company. They might forget that you are the boss and will keep on acting like your usual friend outside the business. Managers must remind them that there are rules they must follow and act professional in thro business world. . I would certainly work for a company like this. Besides that they have a stable foundation, I will be ensured that all my efforts are no waste. 6. They must: Set standards for every product they produce. Nothing beats a high quality product. Hire the right people. They are the basic building blocks of the management. Think out of the box. This stepping stone might Increase their cash Inflow. Track their debility whether it is enough or lacking. Maintenance of growth in their decided path is a must.

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