MAT 152 SCC Construct a Binomial Distribution Using Your Graphing Calculator Questions

MAT 152(Section 4.2)
Chapter 4 Lab B
Please print and compete this lab. Once you have completed the lab, please answer the corresponding questions in
Canvas in the “Chapter 4 Lab Answer Entry Sheet” located in Chapter 4. You must complete the “Answer Entry Sheet”
in order to receive a grade for this assignment, otherwise your grade will be 0.
Rounding instructions: Use your graphing calculator. If you get a decimal answer, round to 4 decimal places. If you get
an answer in scientific notation, please leave it in scientific notation rounded to one place after the decimal (ie. 1.2×10-4).
1. It is believed to be true that 15% of the U.S. population is left-handed. You randomly select 8 people. Let x represent
the number of left-handers.
a. Construct a binomial distribution using your graphing calculator.
b. Find the probability that exactly 6 people are left-handed.
c. Find the probability that less than 3 people are left-handed.
d. Find the probability that at least 1 person is left-handed.
e. Find the mean of the binomial distribution.
Find the standard deviation of the binomial distribution.
2. Complete the following sentence:
In our SCC class data, we surveyed a TOTAL (combine male sample data and female sample data) of _____
(n) students and found that _____ (x) of those surveyed were left-handed.
Assuming that 15% of the population is left-handed, find the probability of surveying n students and getting
exactly x “lefties” (Use the numeric values for n and x from our SCC class data.)
b. In chapter 3, we noted that an event that occurs with a probability of 0.05 or less is considered unusual. Is the
number of “lefties” (x) in our data unusual? (State yes or no)
c. Assuming that 15% of the population is left-handed and we surveyed a total of (n) students, calculate the mean.
d. Using the mean from part d, should we have expected more or less “lefties” in our SCC class data?

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